I think I have enjoyed my childhood so much. It was kinda different but good enough to long for right now. I am missing the yard in Grandma’s villa “it has been sold out, and a there stands a huge ugly bldg. insted”,cousins bikes race, the school bus “it witnessed my naps which I rarely manage to get as an adult”, Raghda we both used to climb the big tree behind our bldg to watch the guys conspiring on the rest of us and run fast to tell them, remember when she fell of the tree and had a big cut in the chin, she told her mom that it is the Loli-pop and her mother went crazy and of course didn’t believe her, but she pretended that she is convinced “later we discovered that both our parents knew all about the tree thing”. Daddy’s days out were the best, Friday was our sacred date, he never missed it, and everyweekend was different from the other. Mummy and summer time spending the 3 months vacation in alex. in our place, it is directly on the beach, inorder to let me forget the taste of milk she used to let me sit on the edge of the window, and drink it, it wasn’t dangerous though, it was a ground floor but to me was like watching the see from a higher position “I am the queen of the world”. Can never forget bed time stories, and full mark presents.Gardens, clubs, shcool, summer, parents, and as we were calling them life time friends “few of them are”. Waw, guess we always wanted to grow up one day and be free as those old guys, but, as soon as get old we long to our childhood.

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  1. I too miss the little patch of my grandmother’s villa. It, too, was sold. Don’t tell me your grandma’s was in Heliopolis!

    It is strange that I should read your first post on the same day you decided you have written your last.

    What a ride!

  2. Well, it is the last here.
    And yes Grandma’s was in Heliopolis :((–>

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