A late valentine story

A week before valentine’s day, my boss looked a bit puzzled, out of being nice to the new boss in town, I asked what’s wrong? his answer was “I just had a call from my wife and she is pretty sad coz I won’t be with her in Valentine’s day”, I went like oh, sorry for you, how long have you been married?? he answered 32 years, ah, ok. After a while, he called me from his office and said would you come and help me make an online arranagment for flowers delivery on that day, I said sure.

We spent like 30-45 minutes trying to pick the most romantic bouquet, then we went to the delivery notes section. He asked the florist to deliver the boquet no later than 08:30 am, call before delivery and make sure she is home, but don’t mention the flowers thing, just pretend that there is a check on something at home.

Then we came to the last part, his note to her, well, he turned to me and said what do you think is most suitable to be said after 32 years of marriage, I went like definitely you have to thank her for putting up with you all those years :))) then he turned back to his computer and wrote “Happy Valentine’s day, from a secret admirer” and put his initials.

No comment!!


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  1. Nice story … thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks you dido

  3. It’s quite interesting that still after 32 years he’s dong that. I think it’s exciting for him and fun to write “from a secret admirer” *smiles*


  4. This is so cute 🙂

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