Sorry Grandpa

Always heard about my late grandpa “died 1975”. Mum once mentioned that the main reason for her marriage was Grandpa, she thought dad would be a great poet like his father “poor mum” ma2lab gamed, “sorry ya papito” dad is not fond of poetry. El mohem, I know dad has a big box for his father’s works, tapes, books, some handwrittern verses, sword, and Siani star for his service in the Egyptian Army, unfortunately, he has been awarded this one after his death.

Decided to move the box to my room and start digging into it, and ohhhhh, can’t express my feelings, feels so proud and guilty at the same time, 26 years and I know nothing about this guy. He is one of the greatest Sudanese poets, song writers, and thinkers, oh Good God. In 1981, El Khartoun network aired his biography on series during ramadan to honor this leading sudanese cultural figure (let me make a note here, how come he is sudanese and served in the Egyptian Military? well, he was born in Sudan but lived in Egypt and had the Egyptian citizenship) but obviously never forgot his mother country and culture.

I am going through the tapes, books, and papers. Also found a book that has some of his song lyrics one of them was “el bambo el sudani” remeber? the one in “Tamr7ena” movie. Never knew that he is the one who wrote the lyrics for this one? One of his amazing pieces too is Om Dorman Anthem, well, more verses from Grandpa will follow, just trying to get more and more of them.

Sorry Grandpa for my ignorance, but you need to have a little talk with your son :0) “dad, no comments after reading this peace ??? love u xxx.

So proud to be your granddaughter,


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  1. and the suspense of not knowing your grandfathers name is supposed to add to the mood or what?

  2. Suspense??? no, didn’t mean it anyways. His name is Abdel Moneim Abdel Hay. Riddle solved

  3. i’m looking for that song el mambo el sudani,
    any clue where i can find it?

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