The Other Sister

Was trying to get myself to sleep last night, although extremely exhausted but didn’t manage to…thought about finding any interesting thing on T.V. Stopped when I found a movie just getting started.
The movies is “the other sister” a wonderful story, it captured me, and felt the urgency to go make a big hot cup of tea with milk and get back to bed and start following. I am not really aware if I am getting emotional these days or what!! but I really think it is a very distinguished love story.

The movie is about the mentally retarded girl “Carla Tate” who is striving all the way thru to prove that she can be as capable as any other girl in her age. Carla graduated from the training school where she has spent many years and went to college. A little opposed by her mother Carla moved to her own apartment, the mother was quite freaked out, but finally she was convinced to let her daughter live in her own in a- 15 minutes away from her- apartment. Moving to Carla’s love story with the equally mentally challenged Daniel or Dany, to him he loved her more than his favorite marching bands, and marshmallows ” I love you every minute. I love you more than marching bands and cookie-making”. Ending with the wedding and the marching bands, Carla and Dany got married.

Carla’s insistence on being independent in spite of the lack of her mental ability was the awesome. Savage Garden’s “the animal song” was unique.

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