Winter is over with syndrome

It was hard to get out of bed this morning, considered a late trip to work but changed my mind. Ehab is driving us to work these days, it is a super treat, he knows we hate driving to and from Maadi, I personally don’t hate the drive, but if I don’t have to do would be awesome….

The book discussion was ok….well, not as expected!!! Sonia called this morning around 7:30 and said try to make it early to work, we are having breakfast at the rooftop………I drove Ehab crazy in our way here :))) quick, quick ya Ehab mesh fadyeen. The breakfast gathering was marvelous, nice weather, lots and lots of fun, of course I had my regular competition with Ahmed, who will reach the rooftop first without using the elevator. We made it almost the same time. It is always both of us, people don’t really enjoy going up 10 stories on foot, wonder why!!!

It was so pleasent, for quite a long time the rooftop was a meeting point for a lot of people including us, we used to have a lunch discussions up there, the topic is usually sent by one of us to the rest of the gang, so we don’t spare a lot of time trying to figure out what we are gonna talk about during lunch, our bosses used to join, they like it BIG TIME, the good thing about bosses joing the party, is that we never had to be on our desks on time 🙂

Want the truth, don’t feel like working today. Will start an outdoors lunch petition :))

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