A Vision or !!

Came home late, over exhausted myself at work. Had a hot steamy shower, made a cup of hot chocolate, and jumped into bed. Closed my eyes for seconds and made a wish….few minutes later you were here, your embrace came just perfect in time, wish to remain in your arms. Took me from the hand and lead to that beautiful place, Here is my paradise, you said…It is paradise, the whole scene is miraculous….you are phenomenal and the place is spectacular but somehow terrifying…

A long walk in the shore, tropical breeze, whispers in the starry night. Before we leave let us build our castle, a castle made for love… you murmured. We built a huge one on the sand with our initials engraved on. Should be happy, but deep inside I know sand castles are meant to demolish. Did not want to spoil the moment though, I placed the smile you always flattered. You saw straight through me, didn’t you.. my insecurity was obvious but you did not try to calm it down.

What’s bleeping around here, what’s going on ….where are you?? where am I?? Oh It is morning already, and the cold chocolate cup is still there…Threw the covers on my bed and started a brand new day, with a promise of a new dream.

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