April Night

The April night is still and sweet

With flowers on every tree;

Peace comes to them on quiet feet,

But not to me.

My peace is hidden in his breast

Where I shall never be;

Love comes to-night to all the rest,

But not to me. “Sarah Teasdale”

It is a beautiful morning, although hot and “khan2a”. I am not a summer person by any means, normally, I am a real mess around this time of the year. Summer ba2a is a real frustration, bas 3adi, I do adapt w keda.

I am having a cold, which is not good at all, started to use nasal drops to stop “el khanfan” although it usually clogs my ears, bas no problema, can handle the ears, but can’t handle the nose :))

Ideas and brain stormings started at home to figure out what we gonna do during the 21-25 April vacation, not settled yet.

Mood is good, not 8:30 yet and I am a sleepy head.. :)) how is that ??

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