Mood is Awesome :)

Ya shams ya shamousa
khodi senet el nanousa
wediha sena gdida
takol biha el basbosa :))

Hillarious :))

As usual the strangest things in Ehab’s car 🙂 this song was playing…me and Lamia went like 5 yrs old girls singing along w keda. People in my age would know what I am talking about here, remember 3afaf Radi’s tape?? it was a real nice one all songs for kids and stuff….this song for instance, and another one keda goes like “mara sa2alt el ostaz arnab leih mantash labes nadara ?” as a kid this tape was one of my favourite things. Tab3an sounds babyish shwaya, but at one point of time was meaningful.

El mood is awesome leih ba2a, coz today is the last day in the week, and we are going for a long weekend ….yoooooooooopi. Thought tonight is gonna be a quiet one at home, movies, soap operas and pop-corn, but lovely twin sister had reservations done for tonight to attend the silly goose thing, for both of us only…Glad I will have the chance to see this one lots of people said it is good, fa cool ya3ni.

Not definite about my plans for the vacation, all vague….people who know quite well will feel like this is not nerro, I am always definite and specific about things in my life. Don’t feel like doing this, would love things to go as is, especially when we are talking about VACATION, Sa7??

Alrighty, time to hit the conference room :))

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  1. heh I’m always singing songs from that tape, I think I can remember all the melodies.

    my favorite is the
    7adi badi 7adi badi
    sout gaylena menna7ia di
    lalalala dah meninna7a di

    or is this the same as the ostaz arnab song?

  2. :)) Hello ya Alaa,they are 2 different songs, the ostaz arnab song starts like “ham el nam ya ro7i yala ham el nam, kol wekbar ya ro7i yala gaybalak mum” w keda.
    bas 7adi badi is cool awi 🙂 I can recall the melodies too but not all of them.

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