Back to work and stuff

ya3, remids me with back to school, I never liked the first day at school abadan, u know after the 3 months vacation w keda, begad it was like a real nightmare, I wasn’t a real clever student at school, smart though, but can’t recall putting so much effort, even fi “thanaweya 3amma” it was the year of the disaster called “el dof3a el mozdawaga” and I have a twin sister “who was really working hard” fa my parents were so concerned, and they were like, sit ya benty and concentrate shwaya….In the night of the results ba2a, mum was praying and asking God to even both her girls pass or fail, not only one :)) Tried to let her know I did enough to attain the college I want “Arts, English Dept.” fa kabari ba2a. El mohem results came fine, I passed and really been to the college I always wanted “thought I will be reading novels ba2a all the time” strangely enough, I did very well during the university years, ghariba.

what the hell am I doing? am way too far from the original story…ehhhem…I am back to work, my desk is decorated with white stacks of paper, and yellow post it notes from the boss, he is leaving on Friday …….yepppi…for vacation, fa cool I can handle the coming 3 days…ooopsy…2 and half :))

Vacation was to7fa, in, out, concert, spa, reading, movies, and family gatherings…fa I enjoyed the most.


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  1. I don’t understand. After all what he did and you still give him a chance to pop up ? And ruin your day ?

    2deelo fo2 demagho. Real hard.

  2. Walahi ya Mostafa, am just trying to be nice and cool w keda. Bas apparently el adab mabyenfa3sh, hadilo fo2 demagho :))

  3. haha nice post!

  4. Thanks 🙂

  5. Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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