On the other side of the bed

Yesterday the weather was awesome, fa we decided to have a felluca ride…can’t tell how perfect was it..
My weekend was…super cool. Friday, went out shopping and in the evening coffee berry. Saturday…reading in the morning…then out with friends “felluca fel neel”…didn’t sleep well last night, thought I would bas ma7asalsh…don’t know why, fa I decided to have a music night in the balcony ๐Ÿ™‚ slept around 4 and the alarm was set on 6:00 ;-x

Will miss Georges Moustaki’s concert tonight, I have an overnighter fa I will leave Cairo around 6…family and lots of friends are going…yuuuuuuck..

One hour later…

am back again, I am too sleepy today…2 cups of instant coffee and still sleepy…oh my God. Well, may be it is just about time for some hallucinations…naaa

In my shopping trip decided to get new eye glasses, 3ashan tab3an I broke my old one..I used to get the small sportive ones, but this time I bought a big a la mode one, taghyeer ba2a.

My twin adorable sister mentioned this weekend eno I am not stylish enough, and I don’t have a lot of skirts in my wardrobe…my point was if am not wearing them a lot, then why should I buy them to begin with??? valid point mesh keda ๐Ÿ™‚

I am still on diet lost 2 kg this week… still 4 to go…bas I am dying for a small piece of chocolate…ice cream…lunch t2eeeeel moooooooooot, keda ya3ni.

Hearts talk = BIG ZERO :))))

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