It is 16:21 and am blogging :))

ha…usually I don’t like blogging at the end of the day…bas I said I should ba2a 3ashan I won’t have enough time bardo tomorrow …fa what the heck…early…late…kolo blogging :))

Updates: am leading a coolie life these days…don’t know, feel like being with the go keda shwaya :). On an attempt to play dad, yesterday, I suggested I would rent an apartment in Maadi near by my work place and come visit the family house during the weekends…I will leave the rest for your imagination…..:) Gosh…playing them was H.I.L.L.A.R.I.O.U.S

Been watching TV lately, and since being a child commercials attracts me awi….yeah, don’t know the story behind, bas begad…I can miss a show, and stick to commercials :)) speaking of them ba2a:

– I love the “comfort” cartoon commercial with the Girl and the guy, are talking about how she looks in red and yellow w keda, fa when the guy say that she is better in red, she goes like “3ali, enta 7a2i2i karmesht masha3ri” LOL.

– Lexus has that one which goes like “in the world of thousand horizons, there are those who travel, and those who travel well” hah…tab3an mesh lexus, in case I have one, I would spend my lifetime travelling 🙂 may be in my next life…yeah..

– A new gross one of a car bardo, bas can’t remember it…yuk, I can’t even talk about it…sux.

– A while ago Dubai tv used to air a commercial on water conservation, it was a real hit, meaningful, it is how that if we are wasting water…it sucks water up from babies food, it is kinda symbolic, bas bsara7a 2 thumbs up.

– Garnier Nuitrise new commercial starring Helda Khalifa, is no good at all, bas I like her new hair color 🙂

– Claudia Shiffers in Loreal’s wrinkles cream, looks real good, it is like maternity added her more beauty, al ya3ni heya na2sa…cool 🙂

– We M&M’s are here to make sure that u have your bag of chocolates…that’s the wording or somehow close to M&M’s commercial.

Tab, I go ba2a, 3ashan it is 16:45, and I gotta submit my end of day report, and get ready for my trip back the city of the sun A.K.A. Heliopolis…or according to our Bawab HALIOBLIZ :))

Salam ba2a

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