Little Women…for the Gazillion time

Yep….it was there on MBC2 yesterday…I literally was reciting the scenario, yeah, and not only Jo’s role but every single character, I discoverd they are gonna air it @ 7 pm, fa I finished everything I have, so I don’t get interrupted 🙂

Love the final scene; the professor propose to Jo, but being the poor guy he is fa he goes like “but my hands are empty” she puts her hands on his and goes “they are not now” keda sounds silly shwaya…but along with the movie ambience it was hysterically romantic.

Talking of romanticity; one guy told me before, don’t show that u r moved awi keda with romantic scenses, 3ashan u don’t look like the type of person who would be that romantic 🙂 I laughed awi, and went like u really don’t know me…walahi, it depends on the mood, sometimes I am, the other times am not, fa 3ala 7asab, plus yeah….nothing constant when it comes to my feelings!!! “he was a bit prejudiced against me after a debate about the Cinderalla story; and me saying that I think she is not smart enough, and I really don’t like the story as the main character doesn’t have enough brains and guts!!”

Weekend talk: I really don’t need to say how boring and annoying it was…bas cool ya3ni, I survived thru, and I really can’t believe eno I was really glad getting dressed to go to work this morning…I was like….what the hell am so happy about?? drove to work, although I shouldn’t bas 3ashan will get back late after tonight’s event fa I gotta do it. Received my weekly schedule and am kind of shocked…no, no, mad, no, steaming…..well, I think I need to chock somebody.

I love doing the UFO talk, Mum doesn’t like it, but out of being a good mother, she talks and go through many discussions w keda, bas one thing she asked for is not to start such UFO and mysteries discussions while we are having visitors w keda…well, mum, it is fun, plus it is a very controversial topic so u can get people busy, and won’t feel bored w keda, can’t u see what I am doing here, I am getting ur visitors entertained. Plus u taught me that I should stand for what I believe in…fa she is like, yes honey I know, and am supporting, mesh I listen to you, and we go through endless talks and discussions w keda…bas for God’s sake balash odam el nas….I love my mom, and I am sometimes obedient, bas not to that extent 😉

Gotta get the royal self to concentrate ba2a at work 🙂

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  1. what is UFO?

  2. UFO means “Unidentified Flying Objects” in other words extraterristial spaceships.

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