Random Thoughts

After being on earth for so long, the journey started …am now somehow away from the over inhabited land…far and faraway….joy…fear…confusion…ecstasy……..instability…. need…and repulsion…. INCOMPREHENSIBLE!!! In an attempt to calm down my heartbeats he laid his hands on my heart and whispered; don’t panic… you just reached the zero point gravity….wished I left out all the restraints on earth and enjoyed the looseness.

Nonentity Zone: Gray…dull….boring…cold…and meaningless. Dim and may be not the joyful spirit it used to be… no guarantees….no faith; the fading scars aches as a reminder; that there is nothing called the Cinderella song, do not trust being someone’s baby girl; and shall not be a sweetheart too.

With intimate appeal, he temptingly talks, weaving his words with unrevealed magic…his kiss passionately strokes. Drifted through my spirit, like a phantom haunting my walls… Mind enthralled, terrain disturbed; how does it feel when romance is developed with a ghost?!!

Adam did ate the apple and was cast out to grieve… Eve was the reason behind it, and they both lost their beautiful garden!!

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