Finally, here is our rooftop 🙂  Posted by Picasa

Published in: on July 13, 2005 at 1:56 pm  Comments (10)  

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  1. this is your rooftop fain bezabt ya nermeena?? dont say at work! hena fel shoghl 2afalo el matbakh el kebeer el gameel khalas :(((

  2. This is the rooftop at work ya Berry 🙂 the one that we have our breakfast, lunch, and sa3at morning Cappucino…bas I didn’t manage to convince anybody to be there, 3ashan it is too hot these days…during winter aw ya3ni 7ata early summer…it is amazing ;p
    Tab leih afalo el matbakh??

  3. WOW.

  4. cool isn’t it ? ;p

  5. can i send you my CV, i would love to work on the roof. where do you work anyways

  6. I once asked if I can move my workstation to the roof and work up there, but mgmnt didnt welcome my request :)) mesh 3arfa leih??
    Well, I can’t tell over the web, sorry ;(

  7. I though that the rooftop at home. Disillusioned! Bet if that was at home, it would have been much easier to get yr PC up there..

    Quite glad you overcome the ‘complexities’ of uploading pix using Hello and Picasa!!

  8. Oh man, I would have moved upthere right away if it was our home rooftop :)) is quite easy. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  9. convince your management to get wireless internet (wifi) get yourself a laptop with wifi enabled. You know can sit anywhere you wish.

  10. Can you do the convincing thing for me :))

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