In the green morning

I wanted to be a heart.

A heart.

And in the ripe evening

I wanted to be a nightingale.

A nightingale.
(Soul,turn orange-colored. Soul,turn the color of love.)
In the vivid morning

I wanted to be myself.

A heart.
And at the evening’s end

I wanted to be my voice.

A nightingale.
Soul, turn orange-colored.

Soul, turn the color of love. “Lorca”

I am so sleepy this morning, although I am sitting on my desk for more than 30 minutes now, but I can’t get myself to concentrate khales, plus I am ignoring my to do list BIG TIME, I can’t go on like this, I really need to get myself in the “u gotta get the work done” mood..Yuuuuuuuuuk. Am seriously thinking of a massage session after work, sounds pretty cool…ha. Well, here is a deal, I finish 2 assignments in my to do list, then I get my treat??? well, two!!! how come ya3ni, today we have this Goodbye party thing, which means will spend quite some time out of the office, come on be reasonable…ok, then one and “no discussion”…:)) will see :)))))))

I really hate when I write down numbers on my desk calendar and I turn out clueless about why, or when I’ve written them…and yeah nameless, which doesn’t make it any better. My eyes hurts awi, need to get the new contacts ba2a…maho either go blind or live with the gray ones, which is cool for sometime, but can’t do it on daily basis ya3ni, although it is hell funny, when I see this stupid confused look…el howa eih da?? we never noticed ur eyes…Gosh, it only requires some brains ๐Ÿ™‚

The girls don’t like the car pool thing, and want to get back to Ehab’s car of wonders, I don’t feel like doing this, I feel more comfortable driving my own, or just be with them. I think will let them know eno am out ba2a. Walahi it was fun, aslan ya3ni we stop for coffee and sometimes breakfast, and yes we are usually late since we ever started our pool, bas what the heck??? we are seizing the moment ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shaimaa called me last night, saying eno she is about to deliver her baby, fa get prepared ba2a ya Nerro, 3ashan when mom calls u know you gotta get the rest and come see the baby, I like our tradition with new babies and moms w kol 7aga, it is just I can’t see the point behind being there 4-8 hrs before labor…yeah, I mean she has to be there…why would we do this?? honestly, it is cool, but very exhausting, tense, and I don’t like to see babies 3ala tool ya3ni “they are freaky and a bit….” fa I told her, I will come see you next day sweety 3ashan u know me ba2a w keda, fa she went like…I will pretend u didn’t say anything “ya3ni heya gat 3alaya ana…maho u r doing it all the tiem” yeah…I used to, bas I had enough…u girls crashed my desire for being a mom…she laughed hillariously….wonder why??

I am dressed way against our dress code, as I know I don’t have meetings today…wish I can do that everyday…yeah VIOLATE the rules :))) it is an obsession.

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