– One of the key managers is out of country for a while, so another guy is replacing him…fa my boss came and asked about the new guy’s name fa I said his name ir “R” fa he replied I can’t find in our address book except one “R” fa I went like…how come??? I confidently said check the “A”s and u will find the name…hillariously laughing he went like his name is “R” and u are telling me check the “A”s…fa I laughed kaman….the thing is the guy’s name is “Abdel R”….and we call him “R”.

– Cafe Greco is cool….a nice beef and mozarella sandwich + a huge frappucino “with almonds”…ohhhhh….yummmmi. It also opens at 7:00 am, ya3ni there is a room for an early hang out :))

– Everybody steps in our office these days, compliments my new CD’s Tower….unfortunately it is not a pink one :((

– We are off on Sunday……yaaaay, it is a long weekend….we are taking Sunday instead of Saturday 23 July w keda….

– Jewel is cool…now listening to her song Stand..

– Another dress code violation today….Thursday ba2a…come on ya3ni 😉

– Someone here is in trouble….he is finished with my yummie’s drawer…D…u are so dead :((((

– We had an arugument about how did ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids, I personaly adobted the claim that they found the secrets of levitation, the same technique used by Edward Leedskalnin the builder of the Coral Castle in Florida, it is the only logic that such ancinet people with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!”

– We have people from corporate here today…so I better go now, otherwise I will be in TROUBLE…

– Shaimaa’s baby is not out to real world yet…….been a long time though….

– Now Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight…Love Is…

Enjoy a bright and shiny weekend xxx

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