Bosta ya Basha ;)))))

Diaa is sharing the office these days with me and Rasha as he is working in a confidential project keda… “al ya3ni we are the office of confidentiality”, fa when he receive a message his phone goes like “Bosta….bosta ya basha :))))” it is hillarious, fa every time it starts, me and Rasha go the same like the tone….#1 entered mara and we were in the middle of our performance and he was literally shocked, bas laughed awi….?? mesh fahma leih :))

Boss is in vacation these days, and I really gotta get some work done, plus eny etfazlekt and said eno we gotta have a joint project keda…fa since I am the one who proposed then I gotta finish it…..Dumb, should have planned for his absence period better…

Started pilates classes at the Gym, it is pretty cool, and yep …aches big time, coz you are like stretching every single muscle in your body….pretty interesting and relaxing, in my first time tab3an I didn’t manage to do all the exercises, actually nobody except the trainer did ;)))

Me and my sister are in my big fat greek wedding mood, I am doing the windex thing…and she is doing the “it is a cake with a hole” one…….this movie is kartha…really good when u are down a bit aw 7ata big time.

Still no cotton-candy for nermeena :((( asl I stopped infront of a guy keda…but his candy didn’t seem like cool enough, fa I left ba2a w khalas….I think carrfour has a small colorful thing keda for pop corn and cotton candy??? may be…gotta check. Didn’t eat pop-corn for like a month or so….leih 3ashan diet, and when I start it is really really hard to stop me, fa there ain’t any at home…..

I still believe eno there is an infant in the fridge who finishes the milk bottles, but my hunch is he is getting older now as he started using sugar too…..grrr..

“bosta…bosta ya basha……”

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  1. If you want a seriosly good laugh watch these hillariously funny videos Good Fun

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