La2 mesh Alo wala 7aga, a few updates keda…and I will go solve some work related riddles, God only knows how things would get straight…otherwise turning into pumpkin would sound like a HAPPY ENDING 🙂

Apparently, I screwed up my blog after changing the template….but Mohamed fixed it for me, not sure what was wrong with it, but he is the pro here, so, why fuss?? fa thanks….la2 mesh thanks khalas ;))

Not in a working mood khales…fa we went out for an early lunch; it was like 11:20 or something, still didn’t kill the day…

Had a conversation this morning with Ahmed the finance “10th story race” guy, it went like this:
A: Ezayek ya Noona?
N: Fine ya No2no2..
A: No2no2?!!
N: yeah…from No2no2 w nana “the cartoon”, remember??
A: Do I look like a frog to you
N: not only to me ;p
A: “kinda furious but trying to hide” Ya salam, said who ISA??
N: Easy…easy, Why are you so offened, it is the cutest frog ever, who used to play flute, and had a red tiny cap 🙂 I used to like him awi.
A: “laughing” there is something wrong…. positive you are 27???

Try this one, u will love it…get 2 toasts or 1, spread some peanut butter…then add strawberry jam…DELICIOUS.

I have been wasting time, blogging, getting myself a cup of “shay belaban”, chatting, and doing nothing of any value in the last hour or so….same “I gotta go study” attitude :))

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  1. no2no2 ? a frog ? poor guy will probably shave his goatee and stop wearing his eye glasses. In one conversation you managed to destroy his self image and bring years of reconciliation with the mirror to the very begining. See you too have to be gentle with the other sex, specially when it comes to their self image. Many men are as air headed as many women, don’t they go to the gym and consume loads of manufactured amino acids and drugs to increase their muscle mass beyond what is healthy. They are not going to use those muscles in manual work ?

    Expect bad treatement from the guy.

  2. i love peanut butter with raspberry or blackberry

  3. Mostafa: ana 3amalt kol da?!!…I used to like no2no2 gedan…fa ya3ni he should be honored to be called no2no2 😉 Plus he usually calls me Minnie mouse, ya3ni howa ana kont mouse abl keda :))) bad treatment?!! hmmmm…will test the waters keda and find out how strong is his self esteem ;p

    Ramez: you have a good taste :)) cheers

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