Finally…this day is about to come to an end

Good God….that was one tough day…boss is finally back, fa it took us forever to wrap up w keda…still had to do that silly project that I came up with…still it is important to be done, and it was a good idea, bas a hell of a thing to do.

Have gazillion errands to run after work, bas mesh 2adra…still gotta do at least my visa renewal related ones, ophhh, still can’t do anything except the photos in the afternoon…time is flying and I am mesanta7a keda…and that is not good.

* What’s wrong with people, is it the hot weather or what??? I am talking to this guy in the phone asking about something? and I am like this is Nermeen E from ……, fe he goes like “ahlan w sahlan ya fandem, meen ma3aya??”!!!!!!

Another one happened today bardo: a vendor coming to see Diaa, fa he enters the office, me, Rasha, and Diaa, are the only ones there, fa he looks to Rasha…and goes like “Ostaz Diaa??” Rasha said something that I can’t really write down here and we both burst into laughters.

“Most people know intuitively that when you fall in love, the worldis full of magic. What they don’t know is that when you discover theuniverse is full of magic, you fall in love with the world.” Phyliss Currot, Book of Shadows

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  1. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Funny. wish u had written ur friend’s comment.

  3. Haal,
    Well, I really don’t think I can post it here…but it is taken from an arabic comic play…and it is a well known phrase usually said in such situations 🙂

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