My playlist for the day

It is a wonderful morning….August is about to end “finally”….didn’t sleep at all last night, first we had visitors at home and they left around 12:30, bas it was pretty cool….we all enjoyed their visit..then I got to bed, and had a thought keda….and it really bugged me awi…fa I surrendered and went out to the balcony reading till morning…

So I came to work, and decided to custom a playlist for the day instead of just keeping the hillarious number of mixed english and arabic songs going on….fa here is list for today:

1- Only a woman like you “WOW”
2- I’ll never break your heart
3- I swear
4- Words
5- When I need you
6- Tell him
7- Memories
8- Marina
9- Hotel California
10- Hero
11- Total eclipse of the heart
12- Kiling me softly
13- Don’t cry
14- Hello
15- Endless love
16- I promise you
17- I said I loved you but I lied
18- When a man loves a woman
19- Only you
20- Now and forever
21- Say you, say me
22- show me the meaning of being lonely
23- Get another boyfriend
24- Love is
25- Truly, Madly, Deeply
26- Seasons in the sun
27- Dancing queen
28- Sweet dreams

“Sigh” 🙂

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  1. Nice songs collection 🙂

  2. Try this:
    Title: Wish You Were Here
    Title: Comfortably Numb
    Artist: Pink Floyd
    PS. Tell me when you finish downloading them so I can rmove them!

  3. Moon…yeah, aren’t they.

    Mohamed can’t download songs from work :((

  4. So what ? Download them from home or from anywhere else 🙂

  5. Ok, keda cool….I will download them from home, I just thought you want to remove them quickly w keda.

  6. nerrrrrrrooo..
    mesh momken ur tast of music
    i like those songs TRUELLY

    u might as well try the collection i put in my “on my own” sa7e7 they r korean and japanese.. bas i am sure i’d love them..

    if u did.. just tell me to give some very special treat *lel 7abayb bas*

    😉 have a nice day

  7. Cool. Cool here.

  8. Lasto: I saw ur Japanese and Korean collection this morning at work…but didn’t manage to open them from there, bas will do now….Original bardo el japanese da ;)))

    Shirazi: welcome for the first time…and yeah they are cool 🙂

  9. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Please try these from the golden 80’s

    Don’t dream it’s over – Crowded House
    The power of love – Jeniffer Rush
    Every breath you take – Police
    I’m on fire – Bruce Springsteen
    No more the fools – Elkie Brooks
    I wanna know what love is – Foreigner
    Last christmas – Wham
    Glory of love – Peter Cetera
    Broken wings – Mr. Mr.
    Take my breath away – Berlin

    Your playlist sounds marvelous


  11. What a list 🙂
    Take my breath away is one of my all time favourites.

    Last christmas is a hit…love it..thanks for sharing ya Ahmed

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