What on earth are you doing people!!!!

EXTREME CRUELTY….What’s the point of doing this to such a helpless tiny kitten…are you people nuts!!!!!! Read the torturing methodology here

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  1. That is so cruel and so insane
    I checked the site and was deeply shocked 😦

  2. OH MY GOD …. unbelievable and appalling …
    we kaman they have the nerve to say “Spread the joy!
    Bonsai Kitten owners, show the world how much you love your possession by placing this adorable little button, created by Ben Groot, on your own web page!”


  3. Free soul: yeah…it is a shocker…mesh fahma how this could be fun ya3ni 🙂

    Me:shofti el baga7a !!!!!

  4. Why is that? what is the pleasure in that. Haram wallahy

  5. Can’t even think about people buying such thing!!!

  6. OMG!!! I was shocked to read what’s written there!!

    They are just sick people!!

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