Weekend for me ;ppppp

Lalalala, today is my last working day for the week, as am off tomorrow, why?? 3ashan keda…nothing. I am so much ready for my long weekend….tomorrow ISA, will wake up early, run some late bank related errands…and….errands tanya kaman. Think after I get done, would pay a visit to the new Virgin Store at the city stars complex, then do some very liiiiiiiiiitle shopping “end of the month related thing”….and am not into paying via credit cars, unless there is an emergency w keda.

Reading Siddhartha these days…toooo long, but very interesting. Also, borrowed couple of movies from the library to watch….one of them is legaglly blonde II, I like the legally blonde movies, they are funny, somehow I don’t feel like serious stuff these days!!!

Don’t know if charlie and the chocolate factory is cool or not……..don’t feel it is super cool ya3ni, bas will do it bardo :)) I am so excited….need to have some rest ba2a w keda…ana mefasfasa w mesanta7a….my home PC is “bekh” fa I have to do the internet cafe thing…I don’t mind it though, it is just I like when everything is handy.

What else ya Nooni??? hmmmmmm….that’s it for now, wish I have a real nice looong weekend :))

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  1. mefasfasa ?

  2. ah…ya3ni mefatfeta keda

  3. LOL I love the language you use .. cute 🙂

  4. Siddharta of Hermann Hesse? It didn’t strike me as particularly long. How did you like it in the end?

    Do you have a list of your “recommended reading” posts to get me started reading you?

    I also have a Kawkab Bambi.. ‘cept it’s an island in the middle of the Nile 🙂


  5. mmm, that was in 2005, fa I can’t really remember why did it hit me as a long one, bas I guess it dreagged with me keda for a while.
    Unfortuntately, I don’t have a list of recommended posts.
    eih da…allah, this is awesome 😀

  6. You have interesting posts. And an impressively long history of blogging. I recommend te3meli such a list 3ashaan I am sure others would appreciate it too 🙂 or, alternatively, make more links to your previous posts so as we read new ones we can have a deeper introduction to you, or, for those who have read them before, a flashback on older days. That would be awesome 😀

    Thank you.

  7. 😀 thank you very much, sounds like a good idea, will try to implement.

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