Like the Abba

I told you everything

Opened up and let you in

You made me feel alright

For once in my life

Now all that’s left of me

Is what I pretend to be So together but so broken up inside

Cause I can’t breathe

No I can’t sleep

I’m barely hanging on

Here I am

Once again

I’m torn into pieces

Can’t deny it

Can’t pretend Just thought you were the one

Broken up deep inside

But you won’t get to see the tears

I cry Behind these hazel eyes

Just a little from Kelly Clarkson’s behind these hazel eyes, oh boy, had a very relaxing weekend, although spent Friday morning till afternoon out, running errands and visiting family members w keda, was supposed to do a play performed by templars that night, but was really tired to get dressed, fa decided to stay home….and have a movie night.

And YES, it was, although I cut my relations with dear Mr. Popcorn a while ago just to get over my addiction, but that night I decided to treat myself to a little bowl ya3ni, although I put on weight again, and Ramadan is not gonna do me any better, bas cool, my movie night won’t be special without it ;)) started with my very very very very favourite “a walk in the clouds”…Gosh….that was awesome, love this movie, so much greenery in the picture, love scenses, dancing w keda….

On some other channel I can’t remember which one, there was the vertical limit movie, it is kinda tough one, and for a person like me it is not a movie to watch before getting to bed….ah on MBC2 3ashan I said I can watch it tomorrow miday w keda…read f Siddhartha shwaya, then another movie “hanging up” moving and very humane….and it is kinda real keda, fa I like it….been a long time since I had a long movie night like this….enjoyed it big time.

Mom bought me my Ramadan Lantern ;)))), Kol sana wento taybeen, few days and bang we are there, am planning my days off, probably will take the last whole week, plus a couple of days keda in the middle, working hours are from 8:00-3:30, fa keda, I really don’t do much during Ramadan, “I mean outings wise”, it is just no time for everything….and I am NOT into kheimas kaman, although I once did the opera one, and it is real good, no shisha w khan2a w keda..decided that if I am going to pray tarawee7 at the mosque I won’t drive, I would better walk, it is only 7 minutes from our place to Abu Zahra, fa cool….Sis and mom & dad goes everyday, but honeslty am not as clever as they are, I go like, ok….I have to stay here ba2a to keep the tarawee7 blessings at home ;)))) I love the spirit of Ramadan, I don’t care about food, but my problem is usually “shay belaban”…..the last 3 Ramadans started with a massive flu attack, hope it won’t happen this year kaman, 3ashan it is annoying awi with fasting…I can’t use my nasal drops…and I am “khanfana” 3ala tool :))

The “Apprentice” new season started already….Martha Stewart is leading the charge this season, and instead of using Trump’s famous phrase “you are fired” she had one of her own “you just don’t fit in” hahaha…this is what I call “a feminine touch” ;)))) It is almost lunch time….so, what’s for lunch….I am too depressed becoz of this weight thingie, am 2 kilos away from 60, fa will do either chicken noodles or light youghurt :((( If only I can have a cheese lovers pizza with mushrooms and salami!!!!

Been to a music store a few days ago and asked them to do me a CD keda which includes the most famous dancing hits…gotta tell you, it came out to7fa, baila, marina, sexy eyes “remember this one?”, la bamba, Sicilia, Dale and many more….don’t know if it is right or I am just assuming, think the majority of girls have their “don’t disturb…I am dancing” time, I personally have it since I was so young, it is a stress release kind of thing, very healthy by the way…..and fun too 😉

updates: it is 2:58 CLT, I am too sleepy ….I can see stars and cartoon callouts.

Lunch ended up being crab noodles “yuuuuuuuuuk big time”, asl I didn’t find chicken noodles fel super market :(( didn’t finish it, bas ate half of it…bas Curt came in 10 minutes ago keda, and gave me a green apple chocolate filled lollipop…….yuuuumy.

P.S: Lollipops rock.

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