First Day

I am in the slow motion mood, seriously, mafeesh energy khales…ya3ni a little bit tayeb 🙂 Diaa is talking about food since 10 am…..During Ramadan we work from 8-3:30….kteer awi mesh keda!!! Didn’t eat well last night 3ashan wanted to sleep early fa had a couple cups of yoghurt with strawberries then Zzzzzzzzzzz. My rituals in eating yoghurt goes like this….get the 2 cups…put them all in a mug keda that I like…stir them very well till it becomes rosy keda, 3ashan yetlakhbato kwayes, then eat it….

Am I doing ok??? oppph tough one, for everyone around can never be better….but for myself…am not the person I am, weird, baffled keda, but this is healthy, thinking things over, and trying to compromise with myself is cool….yeah. My trip to the States will be postponed till June or July….3ashan I spent the money, but I did it in a way that would make me happy forever, not just a couple of weeks…..fa am good.

Still don’t know wether the training would be in Qatar or Turkey, bas both are cool places, although I know that this type of business trips are not fun awi…w kaman f Ramadan…am not so excited about it. What if they cancelled it!!! ya reit

Boss left to the States, his 48 yrs sister passed away, a shocker to him, never saw him is such a condition, she is his only sister, and he loves her awi kaman…..he wanted to cry but didn’t….was so obvious he was strongly holding back the tears, nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a man crying, although it is natural and being a man doesn’t mean eno he can’t cry….bas kids can cry and it is natural, girls are always crying for whatever/every reason, but when a guy cries you know there should be a reason…and a very good one kaman.

Well, I am about to leave now, both blogs won’t be so active during the month unless there is something ya3ni I can’t keep to myself :))

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  1. Ramadan Kareem ya Nermeena :))
    r u in the field of SW Developing ??

  2. I trust you won’t keep anything for yourself, sa7? 😉

    Haram your boss. Ana when I see a man crying, all I want is to give him this really big comforting hug, and tell him everything will be okay. I actually respect him for letting out his feelings like that. but you know men! never saw one of them crying!

  3. Ramadan Kareem ya Nerro 🙂

  4. Tota: Allah Akram, kol sana wenti tayeba…no I am not in SW developing field khales

    Eve: being the person I am fa I really won’t keep anything for myself 😉 you they never do, and if they did they will come after the fact and say that u were hallucinating :)))

    Me: Ramadan Kareem ya gamila…hope u r enjoying urself and being with your family ya gamila

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