The past few days

Tuesday 4 October, @ 23:14:

Watchiang Seinfeld after Fraiser….then 8 simple rules, followed by according to Jim….mesh 3arfa, was in the soaps mood, didn’t feel like reading or doing anything keda, santa7a w khalas. Been a long day it was the family first of ramadan gathering at our place….was so nice, lots of laughs and funny stuff especially in the kitchen 😉

Mesh 3arfa leih I don’t usually drink ground coffee, bas after the iftar I usually have a cup of it, still can’t figure out the secret behind drinking it only fi ramadan. The friends iftar cycle will start soon, we love it, we consider it the best of our gatherings, girls gatherings in general are the coolest, bas during ramadan cooking and doing things together is really enjoyable…ah…only to make things straight I usually volunteer to do the dishes 3ashan I can’t cook 😉

Wednesday 5 October, @ 01:30

Reading one of ex-boss’s books called “paddles the flying penguin”…it is a kids type of thing…and yeah am reading it 3adi ya3ni 🙂 away from my obsession with cute elegant penguings, the story is a very nice one written by a supporter of wild life, someone who always think “how can I make this planet a better place”. Ordered Sylvia Browne’s “Phenomenon”….looks like a very interesting book, read an extract keda and was so moved to read it all. while reading a magazine today a couple of quotes stopped me keda; they go like “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars” Les Brown.

“There is something liberating about not pretending, dare to embarrass yourself, risk” Draw Barrymore. I like her by the way 🙂

Thursday 6 October, @ 10:00,

Woke up to answer a phone call from a friend, fa I said beautiful morning, fa he went like “really…prove it”!!!! believe me….was about to hang up….bas told him eno another reply like this and he is over with….khalas…

14:00 after a long talk with a friend who was trying to convince me with somebody….stayed for a while thinking eno I am afriad I might cling to my friends attempts to set me up…NOWAY….I can do a lot better….I mean…come on ya3ni 😉

Another thought….hate the fact that for a specific someone, I am feminine/sexy figure and a very moody person….bas keda!!!!

Friday 7 October, @ 16:00

Iftar at a friend’s place, all the girls are there fa cool…..memories and loud laughs, we are minus one, but I think we were all trying to be in complete denial “purposely”

20:00 Still at a friend’s place, it is time for her newly born baby bath, asked me to help her, fa I was like….what??? are u nuts??? can’t hold a baby aslan, malek enti nsitini wala eih?? fa she stiffly replied, nerro balash dala3 mere2, move it come and help me….and guess what?!! I did it :)) since then ba2a I can’t stop thinking about when am I gonna be a mom, when am I gonna have my own little cute baby, “coming from me it is weird I know” bas at the end of the day I am a 27 yrs old female, may be I am freaking out from the responsibilty of being a wife and mom, but sometimes I yearn to the feeling….el mohem back to the baby bath, I was likethis is the cutest thing ever…..seriously, it is amazing, no words can ever describe it…..immeasurably warm….God if u are gonna deprive me from any of your blessings, please don’t let it be motherhood, I know I wasn’t so keen about it…but can’t take the pain of not having it at all.

22:00 driving back home, still thinking about myself and my married friends…It is strange when am with them I always have this 50/50 contradicting feelings. The first thing is like…yeah…I am free, can do anything, anytime, anywhere, can make my own decisions and don’t have to take a guy’s opinion into consideration…..on the other hand they are more stable than I am, they have to fuss over stupid things with their husbands, and at the end of the day they make fun of what they were arguing about coz they don’t ever sleep when they are mad at each other…isn’t that sweet 🙂

Saturday 8 October, @ 02:47

Should go to bed but mhypara, 3 sets of 5 pilates exercises, a cup of tea with milk to drink in bed, checked e-mail, and am gone.

11:00 Been to my second professional horse back riding session 🙂 the good thing eno they started with me from scratch….pretty cool thing to do, it is not riding horse w khalas, establishing a relation with your horse and getting along with each other is a very interesting experience. I love it. Played with a cute pony keda…she was cute awi, fa I thought I would have a couple of photos of her keda, and believe it or not, as soon as I started shooting, the beauty started doing different pauses keda, and after I get the photo, she goes on different one, 3 or 4 different photos for her, walahi you can literally say eno she is a professional model in a shooting session :)))

20:10 Felt like walking shwaya, it was a breathy night, had a cup of coffee from Harris then went for a very loooooooong walk.

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  1. -you have a very special wrting style ,I felt like you were telling me all of this over phone or something! ,very natural.

    -I liked your discription about Ramadan’s gatherings ,but believe me it’s the same as old days..I am not 5o years old or something ,but 10 years ago every thing had a different taste even Ramadan had a different taste ,but still till now I feel a lot of sad feelings during Rmadan …without any specific reason.

    -I think you will be a good mother ,and your talking about fearing to handle the responsibility of a child and a family is just very natural ,but when it comes to the real thing you will be a very good mother ,I have sensed from your words you have what is called in arabic (7enyea) ,sorry I didn’t find the appropriate word in english.

    -The last line about missing friends and deciding to call them or not depends on many factors ,who’s the friend is? ,how long he/she has been gone? ,how much you really miss him/her? ,but tell you the truth…Life is short and you have nothing to lose so go on and call your friend!!

    PS: I like having double espresso in Hariss ,but my advice to you don’t drink too much coffe ,it’s harmful!

  2. -Doing the dishes is the only thing I can never do, ask me to do whatever, except the dishes!

    -Was at Harris at about 21:15, What a coincidence!!

    -If you miss someone, go on and call him/her.

  3. Nightlegend: Welcome as a first timer ya3ni w keda.
    Thanks for your nice words, but motherhood takes more that “7eneya” although I feel I am not up to it yet, bas think I will do pretty well when it is time ISA….oooops…double espresso, I don’t like espressos khales 🙂 w my coffee is usually a cup per day ya3ni, fa still cool.

    – Ya3ni you want to tell me eno when u gather with your friends, u might help in cooking ;)??

    – It is funny when we know a lot obout each other’s personal life through blogs, and yet can ran into each other in many places without even knowing it…

    – That’s what I usaully do, when I miss someone I call him/her and say it…bas I asked 3ashan I figured out eno I am being missed without even being told….how the #$%%^%% would I know ya3ni. fa that was weird ya3ni

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