Believe it or not!!!

This is a grave yard….yeah, the Commonwealth grave yard in Ard El Golf. Didn’t manage to resist the urge of having a couple of photos 🙂

Published in: on October 10, 2005 at 2:32 pm  Comments (11)  

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  1. Doesn’t look like a graveyard in Egypt at all ,but anyway I preffer this earth’s life better than being buried in such fancy place!

  2. BTW I had my first glimpse at your photo’s site ,what can I say? ,simply amazing and very professional.

  3. yeah i have driven by it several times. very fancy place, in a very fancy residential area!

  4. Nightlegend: Yeah, it doesn’t look like one khales, after being burried the idea of the fancy place or not won’t bother me awi ya3ni 🙂
    Thanks for your nice compliment re. my photos….am not professional wala 7aga…ana very amateur :))

    Do: I have driven by several times myself, but never thought this would be a graveyard…was surprised after reading the sign begad.

  5. Usually I get admired each time I passing by

  6. I did take notice of that one several times but didn’t get a chance to take some photos in daylight. And my reaction was exactly the same as yours “Can you believe this is a graveyard in Egypt” 🙂

  7. mosh de ely fe share3 motafarre3 men el nozha?!

  8. Ahmed: yeah…it looks very nice.

    Chris: I noticed it several times, but I then decided to stop and see what is this….it looked weired…a snazzy yard with not a single building!!! then I discovered eno it is a graveyard.

    Gasser: ta2reeban

  9. Nice pics, I was just there 2 days ago, and was wondering about how beautiful it is for a grave yard.

  10. It really is too beautifl for a grave yard

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