A Beauty

Noticed that horses always look sad keda…ya3ni if you have a dog, cat, parrott…u can see them happy, and sometimes u can see a little smile on their faces….but horses are different, u can only feel if they are happy or not when u r close….touching or feeding them, but u can never see a happy look on their faces!!!!

What’s new?!! many many things and events are taking place, it is just am reluctant “I pretend”/lazy “I sure am” to blog right now 😉

p.s: I am starving

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  1. A good notice for the horse gloomy face

    Still early for the breakfast

  2. I know it is still early…bas mesh adra :(( w kaman started to feel sleepy.

  3. I think it’s sadness mixed with pride ,and this horse in particualr maybe was feeling sleepy or something!

    I hope you had a good iftar ,I didn’t have a good one myself ,I hadn’t much appetite today.

  4. Find it very touching ya Nerro that you notice happiness and sadness on animal’s faces…

    When I was little and till this day .. when I’m asked which animal I like most .. it’s horses … always felt they were strong, graceful, serene creatures … never felt the sadness in them though … but now that you say it … sort of true… (but this particular horse looks sadder than most I think !!! )

  5. Nightlegend: Mesh 3arfa, may be he was sleepy, bas I feel he is not that happy more that sleepy!!! yeah mine was cool el7amdolelah!!! malak,,,what’s wrong??

    Me: Well said ya Me, they are the best in my opinion…I like the mixture of the softness, tenderness, and prettiness with Strength, reliability, and pride. amazing isn’t it…

    Yeah I agree, this one looks real sad.

  6. Wow, I really like this one. I have a website that talks mostly about japanese beauty. You should check it out sometime.

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