When u love someone

“People fall in love. They fall right back out. It happens all the time”….Hope Floats

Ok…here is a thought!! If you were to be a charachter in a novel/book you have read, who would it be and why?? “movies could be included”

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  1. Mona Zaki’s role in Sahar Al-Layaly on the way she interacted with her problem

  2. hmmm…
    Sandra Bullock in While you were sleeping.. how she was interested in this guy blablabla.. its very much like me… also her luv to travel.. how she made promises with her late dad to travel and all…

    Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding.. because i used to always be trapped in the weirdest situations keda and panic when i feel i will lose a “what if”

    Cameron Diaz in you’ve got mail.. except that i have the ability to answer back but i just choose not to..

    and Paulo Coelho’s Pilar from “By the River Piedra” or Maria from Elevent Minutes.. (in the intensity of their emotions)

    phew… bass keda 🙂

  3. mmm keteer awy. maybe right now what comes to mind is julia roberts in monalisa smile. i would like to have the same mentality and strength, not circumstances

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  5. I’d love to be Captain Corelli’s “Mandolin”..
    Translating music to love

  6. Wow, good ones guys.
    Nag: You mean Meg Ryan in you’ve got mail!!

    Ok, as for me ba2a, I have plenty of choices, but let me limit them to two:

    – Jo March in Little women “novel & movie” I like her persistance and will, a real struggler, a woman full of hope.

    – Helen of Troy in Greek Mythology, don’t know what is it about her, but it is just I like her.

  7. Meg Ryan in you’ve got mail 🙂

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