Announcement….”Highly Important”

The Breast Cancer foundation of Egypt (BCFE) is an NGO who cares about breast cancer awareness and treatment, BCFE encourage early detection to save lives. October is the breast cancer month internationally, BCFE encourage ladies above 40 years to do annual screening and get a discounted mammogram.

BCFE needs volunteers to represent our services to public in Sakyet El sawy and Gezira Club in Zamalek area, from 9 pm to 11 pm during Ramadan.
If you are interested or feel you can help, please contact BCFE office 3682432 -0101707690.
Best regards,

Niveen Torky

What is BCFE ?
The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (“BCFE”) is an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs, registration number 5840-04. It is a foundation thus there is no dues paying member body. A small group of 24 founding members, Egyptians and expatriates concerned with the high incidence of breast cancer and the lack of related support services in Egypt joined together to form an organization to address the problem. Individually they represent health care professionals, breast cancer survivors, and civic spirited citizens. Collectively they are a driving force to bring breast cancer awareness, education, and services to Egyptian women.

Mission Statement

To promote breast health through cancer awareness, education, and research, as well as, facilitate services and support to women in all economic strata

Our Goals ?

Build a culturally sensitive physical and emotional support system to enhance the quality of life for women with breast cancer and their families.
Collect a body of statistics to support research and enlightened care.
Facilitate access to affordable and high quality professional diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitative services for women in all economic strata.
Educate the public about breast cancer, the importance of early detection, and eradicate the stigma attached to having breast cancer.

“hope I can see u all there guys”.

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  1. You might be interested in the

    I used to reply to begging-to-be-forwarded, hoax emails with that site and its sisters as a real example of online philanthropy, although not local.

  2. I know what u mean, but I have been doing some stuff for them for a while, and I think they are different..that’s why I posted their announcement.

    Anywayz, it only takes a little visit to their booth @ the culture wheel, and will know.

  3. Wow that´s a great blog that you have there, mine is slightly differnent but it basically covers the same topics.

    I have a canadian cancer society site. It pretty much covers Cancer related stuff.

    Check it out, you won´t regret it… Cheers.. Roger From

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