Is it getting cooler or what??

If you noticed, it is getting cooler everyday….could this be true, are we gonna wear heavy clothes before December this year??? I Hope so, am SO ready for winter….I missed my super cool winter mornings, evenings, and nights…want them back ba2a 🙂

Speaking of cold weather….the new office mate is giving me hard time, turning on the A/C on 22 degrees or less, and I really feel cold, fa I go like, would you please turn it off, or put it on higher temp. wala 7aga….fa he turns it off….10 minutes later, it is on…..imagine keda spending the day asking someone to do something….he does it….then changes his mind…then u ask… need to tell how annoying this could be…..can’t get it, ya3ni should we spent the whole day in a freezer. A window in such days would suffice….grrrrrrrrrr, I didn’t get my Ramadan cold this year and was happy for that….eih da ba2a 😦

The new air-freshener thingie at the ladies room sucks “BIG TIME”….yeah, in the middle of nowhere at any time it goes like “fsssssst”…..fa if you are in the middle of something….it freaks the hell out of you….kaman it doesn’t smell good khales..

Here is a positive thought….and frankly it is the only thing that gave me enough strength to get off the bed this morning “Gosh…that was hard”… having a long weekend…yep…again, will have Sunday off plus my weekend, then work for 4 days…ba3den OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, back to work Nov. 7….ya3ni I have 4 and less than half “beshwaya” working days to go, then am out of here :))))))) told ya…..can’t get more positive 😉

Preparing myself for an early photo-hunt outing tomorrow ISA, the thing is I don’t wake up as early as work days during weekends, but still early, even if I slept late awi….fa I would have my round, then hit the Virgin Store…. “question to self here” any ideas for tomorrow?? well, right now the citadel appeals to me awi, or may be I will just go around Heliopolis and come out with not a single one :)) will leave it to the mood tomorrow ba2a.

Nesreena’s post triggered a lot of good memories and definitely more and more laughs yesterday….”we both blog, she is not an active blogger awi, but she blogs, we don’t check each others blogs regularly, may be out of giving a space aw 7aga mesh 3arfa that’s from my side, from her side ba2a, she feels eno I write a lot and she really doesn’t have enough patience to read all this, it is easier just to tell her what is the whole post about”.

Back to her post, she used to draw when we were still young….and kept on doing it till mathalan the beginning of the secondary stage….in order to encourage her, sweet mum sent her drawings to be nicely framed w keda, then put them all in the living room….that was so sweet but kinda weird and hard to explain when you have people at home, fa we both used to call our living room “ma3rad el fanan 3esawi 3esawi 3esawi” remember the movie!!! :)))))

“Anything less than mad, passionate, extraordinary love is a waste of your time. there are too many mediocre things in life to deal with and love shouldn’t be one of them.” A Dream for an Insomniac

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  1. Can’t wait for winter too ya Nerro !!!

    Your mum is such a sweetie for doing what she did with Nesreena’s
    drawings…I think that’s awesome 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend ya gameel…

  2. Strangely I was going to write a brief post in my blog about the early cold ,today I had sohor out home for the first time in Ramadan and it was very cold ,I saw several people wearing pullovers and even jackets! ,I’am still using my summer wardrobe but if it gets colder I will difinitely switch to winter clothes very soon ,and I am realy happy for that ,happy that the humid days of summer are long gone ,welcome wind and rain!

    I liked the last line of your post ,our lives are filled with many mediocre experiences and it may consumes alot of time that it doesn’t deserve ,but on the other hand you can’t have 100% perffect experiences all the time ,that’s what life is.

  3. This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Not to give anyone hard time but guys “mum” is “mom” o not u …
    Smile guys I don’t give a rat ass about it just for the records I’m just trying to be facetious

  5. Me: Thanks ya toota u kaman enjoy…that was so sweet of mum, she used to keep whatever we do when we were young, she surprised me a few months ago, when she brought me a pile of paper, that had some short stories I wrote in arabic back in 1993…

    Nightlegend: here we go, it is coming dear 🙂 can’t agree more…life shouldn’t be perfect, here they are just talking about love” which doesn’t always happen in such a way, but hopefully 😉

    Mohamed: Thanks for the proofreading 🙂 we got it dude 😉

  6. “Not to give anyone hard time but guys “mum” is “mom” o not u …”

    Yes average… that’s right … but that’s American English… in British English it’s “mum” u not o

    Just for the records too 😉

  7. Was going to write about the sudden cold weather as well.. I’m longing for the winter as well 🙂

  8. oh moon…Can’t tell you how much am excited about this sudden climate change….it is AWESOME :))

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