The Quest for Stargate!!!!

The curious me…scored 72 in this quiz

About the whole Stargate thing….many people say that I should stop thinking about as it is nonsense w keda….

What is Stargate? “for all who wants to know what is Stargate”

The word Stargate has become a merging point between fiction & reality. The cinema Stargate was an ancient time-dimensional doorway to the cosmos ~ with knowledge of ancient writings & star constellations as the keys to opening the gate … The reality Stargate is an ancient depiction of a cosmic-portal painted at the entry to a cave containing one of the most ancient representations of the constellation known as the Pleiades. The star map and other ancient paintings & features within the cave have provided the keys to connect over four decades of study involving: decades of field archaeology linked to an ancient alphabet; Egyptian hieroglyphs; ancient symbols for the star system known as Sirius, revered as the Star Goddess Sothis by the ancient Egyptians ; and links to an even more ancient culture ~ with a directional key to a prime base of the cosmic visitors who had arrived on earth at the very dawn of antiquity.

The fictional Stargate offered a physical doorway for humans to step through ~ at present, the real Stargate has only provided a mental doorway. A portal-of-the-mind that has provided a means to step into an expanded mind-set capable of connecting a massive assortment of information, that individually meant little ~ now, collectively assembled, offers keys many of the prime Ancient Mysteries as well as a mind-link with our cosmic visitors.

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  1. I saw the movie many years ago and didn’t like it ,I didn’t like the TV series either ,but the concept itself is pretty interesting.

  2. I noticed your blog had something to do with Pilates. We’ve been thinking about adding a Pilates program to our Karate School as an alternative aerobic activity. I really enjoyed the info on your site.

  3. besara7a, I went half the way through the quiz but didn’t have enough time to finish it:)
    However, as they said you are close to 75, therefore you have to participate in the Quest of Stargate:))

  4. Nightlegend: here we go, it is the concept that I am after…oh God, I would do anything just to get there.

    Wonderer: there isn’t a real quest, bas the thing is, if you real fe3lan you are related or not…of course if there is a quest I would leave everything and go for it…but I always feel attached to the extraterristial…weird maybe…but it is a fact that I can’t deny :))

  5. but I always feel attached to the extraterristial…weird maybe…but it is a fact that I can’t deny :))

    Another common thing between us.

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    Be Warned

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