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Yeah…it is good to be back after a few days at home….a bit boring…but playing lazy cat for a change was terrific :)….the good thing is eno it is my last day before the eid vacation, which I will start 3 days early :)) 3ashan am pampering Nermeena shwaya, and taking her away from the work and stress atmosphere.

I know not so many people are fond of “the truth about cats and dogs” the movie, but for me, it is one of those movies that I can see for countless times, not coz it is the best movie ever, it is just a personal thing keda …….I HAVE BEEN THERE, and don’t get excited I wasn’t the playboy’s mate of the year….was more of the Time’s woman of the year :)). Well, it wasn’t serious though…but myself and another friend had this conflict before, was more of a funny thing at the time, we both were good to each other, but cheating was expected ya3ni 😉 The good news is I wasn’t defeated BY HER, as the whole thing ended up with neither me nor her!!! A Miss Universe came along and we were “BEKH”…….

It is good to stumble in the movies that u like keda, ya3ni, I don’t usually read the guide or so, I just go like crazy through the channels quickly, and I stop when I find something interesting…fa this week the best were, the mirror has two faces which is one of Barbara Streisand’s best movies….love the scene where she is lecturing about love and keda, the second was dead poet’s society…one of the my favourite movies..might be a bit boring…but for no reason I can stand the slow rythme “a friend smsed to let me know the movie is being aired on mbc2…found that cute awi”, and finally the truth about cats and dogs…..

I don’t read a lot these days…whenever I feel like reading shwaya…I read a short story or a poem for Gibran’s Secrets of the heart…I love it aslan…especially the Mermaid.

“You know how someone’s appearance can change the longer you know them? How a really attractive person, if you don’t like them, can become more and more ugly; whereas someone you might not have even have noticed… that you wouldn’t look at more than once, if you love them, can become the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. All you want to do is be near them”

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  1. The Truth about Cats and Dogs is one of my most favorite movies, although I have seen it about 136 times, I stilll don’t mind watching it again:))

    As for the part concerning the looks, it is very true, you get used to one’s look whether good or bad. Al gamal gamal al ro7. True beauty comes from the inside.

  2. I am not so fond about cats and dogs the movie ,but it’s cute ,I haven’t watched the other two movies although I own the DVD of (Dead Poets Society)!

    I agree about some points ,sometimes love can make us go crazy about someone and we would go totally blind and doesn’t see his disadvantages whatever other people feelings about him/her are.

  3. Oh, I watched the movie two days ago on “2”..but I just hate the way this channel does unreasonable censorship! I’ve watched it many times as well, but wouldn’t consider it as my favorite. I prefer Barbara’s movie, although both of them revolve around the same topic.
    I totally agree concerning the last sentence: I once was in a relation with a not-so-good-looking guy, but I eventually got 100% over the appearance thing… It was an interestingly changing overview.

  4. I have never seen this movie, although i would love to, according to you, it seems interesiting:)

  5. “The Truth about Cats and Dogs” one of my faves as well..

    and by the way.. i loved the quote you’ve just mentioned… 😉
    fablous choice nerro

  6. You’ve probably started your vacation before Eid by now.. enjoy :-)… bas “long time no see on the blogosphere” .. hope everythings ok ….

  7. Wonderer: Join the club 🙂 can’t agree more.

    Nightlegend: go ahead and watch dead poet’s society…it is GOOOD.

    Eve: I hate the censorship thing when it comes to mbc2…it sucks BIG TIME…bas cool ya3ni, I still like the watch movies keda when I am not planning to watch them 🙂
    looks doesn’t count awi, especially when w r talking guyz.

    Mizo: yeah the movie is interesting…and BTW don’t count on my opinion when we are talking movies, I watched Little Women the movie like gazillion times now, and I know people get really bored from watching it once :)))))

    Blue: welcome back…fenek ya benti 🙂 thanks dear I love this quote awi.

    Me: I am away from any internet connection, fa was hard to go through the blogsphere, was mainly checking e-mails from my cell phone, will be back soon ISA. thanks for asking dear…all is good elhamdolelah

  8. where are you nerro??!!!
    Long time no read. yalla come back.
    Happy 3id to u:)

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