Morning thoughts, Esmat El Marghany….Pickled Onions…and More

– Am a bit bored thesed days, looking forward to my 3 days trip in Turkey, wish today is Tuesday of next week….that means eno I will go in a couple of days.

– Oh God…this is real ugly, the streets are covered with huge banners and signs “elections relaed thing”…it is really horrible, whenever you stop in a street or a square the gardens are surrounded with super size banners….sick….don’t know why Esmat El Marghany’s banners and signs in particular gets on my nerves….you know down at Heliopolis Square there are 2 huge ones with her picture holding a certificate keda….and under the banner there is this sentence “om el yatama” mother of the orphans or something like this. Good that the lady is into charity w keda…bas it has nothing to do with elections ya3ni….I might sound prejudiced against her, bas seriously ya3ni…the whole thing is kinda irritating.

Should have had a couple of photos here, but will try to do tonight, or tomorrow morning ISA. My point is we will vote, and will definitely choose the suitable one, bas I personally don’t think the outcome of these ugly campaigns would be in favor of the candidate…3ashan in most cases…and no offense…it is kinda freaky.

– Still have to go find a nice dress for Saturday Ball, oh…I hate that, howa mesh fi evening gowns fairy keda, a fairy who would help girls get dressed for such a royal extravaganza and look exceptionally stunning without going out chasing dresses and accessories?!!!

– Ok, do you like pickled onions??? asl I do LOVE them, they are the best pickles ever, although mom and sis can’t really stand them….bas that doesn’t necessirily stop me from eating the cute little onions….the other day we had okra for dinner, and inorder to make me eat some of it, mom bought some pickled onions for me “this is sort of a suicidal attempt for her”. Gotta say that was G-O-O-D. yummmmy 😉

– I am mumbling since morning “you don’t win friends with salad, you don’t win friends with salad” it is from the Simpsons, remember when Homer was talking to Bart about their get together BBQ, and Lisa planned to blow it off, as she was about to turn into a vegan, Homer was telling his son that they won’t be able to have a nice one without meat involved, fa they both did the “you don’t win friends with salad” thing 🙂

– Salemli 3aleh, elo eni bsalem 3aleh

Bawesli 3eneh, elo eni bbawes 3eneh……a beautiful song by Fayrouz, though not one of her very lively songs, but I like it awi, it is the kind of a song that puts a smile in your face keda whenever you listen to it 3ashan it is so soft and feminine awi, fa makes u feel good ya3ni. The weird thing ba2a, Akon’s lonely makes me laugh, mesh 3arfa leih!!!!

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  1. My dad and little bro just “luuuuuuurrrrrve” pickled onions!!!
    I think the small ones look cute but that’s as far as it goes with me 😀

  2. tab try one…da gameeeeeeeel awi :))

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