Am taking a break

Came back to work after one of those exceptionally tiring weekends… is a one that after you get done with, you just go like….oh….I really need a weekend…..bas was planning to wear new stuff that I recently bought …a skirt included “weird I know”, bas decided to have a lot of them this winter, actually I bought many of them to force myself to get acquainted to the feminine look shwaya…needles to say how mom “finally” managed to flatter my wardrobe, after several years of condemning it!!!! am totally lost now….ok, here…was saying eno wearing new stuff…and going out in this mood, made it easy for me to wake up w keda….I am that type of person, who really likes new things….even if it is a pair of socks, I just feel good about new things…it is like when mom or dad, or even my sis are going out shopping or something, and they ask if I need anything….I go like yeah…”ay 7aga” it is just I want something….it can be as small as a lolly-pop, but it just makes me happy…..

My day at work is not real fun….we are having hard time ………………………………………. “sorry, it is just classified” fa it is a heck of a day…..and apparently we are staying late… on diet kaman, fa don’t know what to order….kinda starving…and 3asafeer batny hateb2a baghbaghanat kaman shwaya….thought of a chicken ceaser salad from Cilantro, bas am not into chicken these days…..grrrrrrrrr :(((( tab eih

Found this in my cell notes: Cold night, neither long nor short walk, stop at Harris, grab a Latte, listening to “when I need you”…….can’t remember why I wrote it that way…anywayz, that’s what I did Firday night @ 10:00.

In promoting the Universal children’s day “20 November” LBC aired a beautiful song for kids, but personally I think it is good for adults too, will try to get the CD, and put the lyrics here…or maybe later I will try to find the song itself online, so I can provide the link….loved the sincere and true feelings of the kids in the song.

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  1. Do you know what I like about your blog. The feeling that you are talking out loud:))) It is like you are thinking of scattered ideas and you write whatever comes to your mind, work, new outfits, food, diets, notes on cell phone, a song on TV … ay 7aga.

    The first impression when one reads your post is “where is the point” impression. Afterwards, one changes his mind and gets this feeling of intimacy and closeness.

    Good luck and keep it on:))))

  2. “and going out in this mood, made it easy for me to wake up w keda…”

    Me tooooooooooo … I mean I like to wear new stuff every now and then… and I’m usually excited about it like a kid … my bros think I’m nuts 😀 even though “ana 3a2la awi really” 😉

  3. Wonderer: first, thanks a lot for your sweet comment…second ba2a..yes you got it right…I just talk, talking things out makes me feel G.O.O.D, fa I don’t really give much attention to logic or sequence…some people don’t really like this, bas that’s me ya3ni…glad begad u like it 🙂

    Me: tab3an enti 3a2la awi awi, zayi bezzabt ;-)….bas I don’t see what’s wrong in being nuts!!!

  4. I like new stuff as well. I remember when I was a little kid I used to wait for the first day of eid to wear my new stuff. A feeling that is not here anymore 😦

  5. A lot of things are different now, we are not kids anymore, and life won’t be as simple as it was back then when we were still young…but why don’t you just cling to the simplest thing that would make u feel happy even for a little while, you know what, I still by new stuff for eid, I love doing that…give it a shot…it is not childish at all, it is fun.

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