The pedestrians killing series in the Autostrad is still on….it is the second time this week to see a dead body on the street, but the first one was real painful, saw the car, the guy who was driving, saw everything in details…but this morning it was like someone ran over the dead guy and went on his away…tab at least call the ambulance ya3ni!!!! I really don’t understand this…Whaterver!!

They are in the process of building one of those bridges in the Autostrad to supposedly lessen the # of accidents but come on….we all know that not a lot of people are using these bridges….u know the one in Manshiet Nasser, apparently it is only a monument or something…in the morning you see tens of kids crossing the streets and your heart would stop in case one of them decided to run in front of the cars just to cross the street…..tab3an no wonder you would see several accidents there…wonder why their parents didn’t tell them that this huge ugly thing up there is for their own safety….well, I know if they are destined to die at this very moment they will “am not discussing this”…am just wondering why do we insist to hurt ourselves!!!! So many questions here…if the speed limit is 80 why are you driving 120….I know sometimes it doesn’t make sense….but if it is gonna involve someone’s life…should make a whole lot of sense!!!

Speaking of speed limit….you know the relatively new bridge in Merghani…you will see a sign says the speed limit is 40 km!!!!!!! Any clue?!!!! try to do this 40 km thing ba2a you will find the least you can do is 80 km…you won’t help it…it just goes that way.

Speaking of Merghani ba2a 🙂 Cinnabon is gonna open a new branch there….yeaaaaaaaaah…I like their stuff, it is just I used to do the Carrfour one….although it is there in Heliopolis City Stars, and it is easier for me to go there instead of going all the way through the hideous ring road…but for some unknown reason….I HATE city stars….can’t stand being there for long time…wala 7atta short time.

Joy came in this morning and said that she would like invite us for a cup of coffee and brownies at her apartment….OH…BOY…she is exceptional when it comes to brownies and lemon cakes….

Well….that was a little bit of a morning feel…now I gotta go :))) A tout a’ l’heure.
“the typical answer for this one back during the Agami days was “wenta men toto”

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  1. There’s something slightly disturbing about you blogging about dead pedestrians and Cinnabon in one post. It’s almost like the empathy for the traffic victims is made of the same stuff your enthusiasm for the pastries is made of.

  2. The post is about things that I stumbled in this morning…and both are two different points…fa there is no chance for mix ups.

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