Sweet November

Now am about to cry…I really want to, but can’t get myself to do….tears have been there for a while now, and don’t know why don’t they just come out………

What’s going on ba2a….my head is gonna explode….a couple of hours ago heard that Ahmed’s mom passed away….she had cancer and we all knew she is dying…even himself…but the last couple of months were kind of living hell for his whole family….but begad he was there for her night and day, left everything…..and did every possible thing…just to make her happy in her last days…..was killing us when we see him with a big smile on the face and full of hope….although he is 100% positive she is not gonna make it….but he used to say….I want her to go away with a smile…May she rest in peace…

Our contract ends this month…and we are starting new one, which means eno there would be lots of terminations….being in a position which allows me to know who is staying/leaving….doesn’t make my life easy at all.
First: coz some people treat me as a traitor or really not a trustworthy workmate…tried to explain to many of them that what they are saying is very unethical/unprofessional…but they didn’t understand…and that’s weird…
Second: It feels so bad when you are aware that a dear person is leaving…and you are gonna miss him/her a lot..can’t do anything though..passed through the same experience a couple of years ago…wasn’t pleasant….and it happened with a beautiful person, who used to work in the finance dept…..she was the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life…I knew she was leaving like a week before the official announcement…..a close friend of her knew that I was aware of the termination thing…fa she stepped in my office and started to yell…cry…and tab3an accused me of not being a loyal friend w keda…..she is not right I know…but come on we are human beings…and for a little while I felt eno am guilty…ya3ni I should have gave her hints wala 7aga…remember I locked myself in the ladies room and kept on crying until my boss came and calmed me down and started to explain eno this is work, and I just did the right thing.

It is happening again in the coming few days….fa am kind of staying in the office all day, had a sandwich on my desk….didn’t socialize….and don’t think I talked to anyone except my boss and Heba. Hope this week is over with ba2a….

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  1. Nerro I am very very sorry about Ahmed grandmother ,rabena yer7amha we yeskenha fasee7 ganatoh insha2alah.

    It’s really very hard as you noted to sit there and watch someone having his/her last days in life ,but as you know this is temporary life’s experience we are living now ,and sooner or later all of us should move on to another stage regardless of our desires to remain here.

    Please don’t cry more for the troubles at work ,I know it’s very hard for a sensitive person like you to handle such a regretful & painful feelings but you are aware that this is work ,most of the times people in similar positions has to take or execute decisions that affects other’s careers ,this doesn’t mean at all they are evil person or something ,this is life nerro ,pleasent sometimes and cruel at other times ,you haven’t done a bad thig so please try to cheer up a little bit ,we need your smile here on the blogsphere.

  2. im so sorry for ahmeds lost rabena yer7amha we yesabar ahlaha

    don let work put u in such a mood cheer up im sure ur freind will realize soon that its not in ur hand or up to u ya3ny
    if im gussing ur working in hr right?

  3. So sad about your friend’s mother. Allah yir7amha yarab.

    I know what you mean about the crying bit. Trust me the tears will come in their own time. You can’t rush them & when it’s time you can’t stop them. But you will feel better afterwards. Comparatively better anyway.

    Good luck with the work stress bit. Sounds tough.

  4. All, thanks for your feelings towards Ahmed…he is doing good I think…and accepting the whole thing pretty well

    Night Legend: enta fein ya ostaz..long time no c:)) thank you dear for the sweet words, begad I know eno this is how things should go…but it is just kinda painful…bas cool ya3ni..will get over it.

    Bafadfad: thanks for the nice feelings…and no I don’t work in HR…but kinda in a more critical position than the HR people.

    Loulou: I wish it happens, I really need to cry…am kinda going around fussing with people expecting anyone would provoke me to burst into tears :))seriously. Well, thanks hope all this would come to an end with the end of the week ISA

  5. Allah yer7am your friend’s mother ya Nerro w yer7amna ajam3een…good to know he’s taking it well…

    And about the work thingie… I think you did do the right thing … this is work …it may be hard sweetie… bas enti 2addaha … I know 🙂

    Rabena me3aki

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