It is getting a bit cold…good sign….awaiting the heavy rains ba2a….

Weekend wasn’t super duper although a long one, wasn’t in a good mood to do anything, was kinda weird and mhypara for no obvious reason, I am back to the couple of hours sleep then wake up, then back to sleep…..which really helped to crash the mood aktar ya3ni…fa eshta….

Been to virgin twice this weekend, once on my own, I was in the complex to buy a brown skirt keda I liked at Mango, but when I went to buy it, found that the brown ones are gone, only beige ones are still there…fa decided to spend some money in Virgin 🙂 one of the books I bought is strictly meditation exercises…found it cool….but can’t get myself to relax in the first place to do the exercises…and honestly didn’t push myself to relax kaman….thought I would be better off if I let go of some energy.

The second time was with Mariam my beautiful little cousin, the girl is adorable…they were all at our place last Friday, fa when we were having lunch, she mentioned that she would like to go, fa told her ok will do after lunch….and yes we went together….it was a blast going through different departments with her…she first wanted to buy a pink case for her i-pod, then changed her mind, and said no I want this DVD, then no is Hilary Duff CD out in the market yet?? the answer was no, fa she was kinda disappointed for not finding her favourite singer’s CD, she finally settled on a girl band CD “am really clueless about the name, I can’t even recall it”….bas she likes them w khalas…we stopped at Cilantro for a drink then left…..

Saturday woke up early been to the Azhar Park in the morning on my own bardo, wasn’t in a mood to sit or do anything except walk around and come out with a few photos w khalas….guess I just wanted a good walk, and I really like the place…I ended up having a few good photos, and a real nice walk, although it was extremely hot….

Saturday was the Egypt Photography annual presentation thing….initially I wanted to go, but after the morning walk, I had a second thought keda…and decided to avoid the hot weather…and stay home. Around 3 o’clock I knew eno I have photos in the presentation….fa thought it is my first time ya3ni…balash santa7a…and go. It was real nice…the presentation was real good, I had four photos in 4 different categories….the company was enjoyable although I thought am not into people w keda these days…but on the contrary enjoyed it BIG TIME.

Since we are speaking photography ba2a…here is a coolie….a couple of weeks ago there was an announcement keda about “Marsam el Qalaa” a place where photographers would have their exhibitions there w keda…they also announced eno there is an exhibition coming up, and would start Dec. 15….The theme is “Express Yourself”…fa an elder work colleague “real good photographer at the same time” convinced me eno I should start participating in such events, at least to get the feel of the thing…and to know how good/bad I am…..fa yesterday we picked like 6 photos and will prepare them for the exhibition…although the # of photos shouldn’t exceed 5, but I thought I would better have six done and choose 5 out of them….am kinda excited about it…

Ah, by the way Helen of Troy will be aired on MBC 4 Thursday and Friday @ 18:30 or 19:30 CLT, can’t remember exactly…but don’t miss it….coz u would probably enjoy it….

Am listening to Wagih Aziz “za3lan shwaya” :)))

Since am in a low profile/cell phone off mood, fa am between reading and TV…..fa yesterday was watching Lady O’s interview with Uma Thermon….and she asked her a question…..”WHAT DO YOU KNOW FOR SURE???”

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