My next adventure ;-)))

Take a wild guess!!! neither desert nor beach….tayeb eih???? THE ZOO.

Yes, I am heading to the zoo this weekend, decided to postpone Alex & Port Said till the Bairam vacation, it is gonna be a long one, so I would rather wait and do both then. But a week ago I realized that I haven’t been there since I was like 7 or 8 years old….maybe younger kaman :)) fa I kinda keda tested the waters with my dad….fa first he gave me the “are u nuts!! look” then when he realized that am not playing him and am being hell serious he responded with a no-kidding “BIG NO”.

No problema…how about sis….I really didn’t have to ask….tayeb now it’s mummy’s turn…ha ya Lola….she wanted to support me by saying yeah it used to be a nice place but the odor and u know!!! told her probably the odor is not allover the place ya3ni..fa will skip these areas…but her facial expressions said it all….another NO. I have no problem in doing it on my own at all, it is just I thought we haven’t been there for ages, and maybe things have changed w keda…

There are many places in mind that I want to visit and spend some time there, for instance:
– Abdeen Palace and surroundings
– The Citadel
– Roam Down Town “all the old streets, tal3at 7arb, kasr el nil, etc.
– Harraneya

Bas before this ba2a I really need to buy a new good camera instead of my current toy camera.

Off the subject: I seriously need to move my#$#$# and go shop for Christmas presents and cards…time is flying.

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  1. Hope you had fun at the zoo !!! Khodeeni m3aki next time 🙂

  2. it was real fun me…tell me when u wanna go, wana gahza :)))

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