Snap shots: Terrific yet disappointing couple of hours

Well, I decided to stick to the zoo plan, and here you go..

Before I walk into the zoo gate, I just thought of walking back to the bridge in front of the zoo, to take a couple of photos for the nile….although a couple of soldeirs tried to stop me first claiming eno mamnoo3 bas after a bit long fussy discussion I had my photos.

And tab3an didn’t miss Mahmoud Mokhtar’s Nahdet Masr Statue or “The Egyptian Renaissance”. Amazing… isn’t it!!

After getting in, met an old guy keda…looks like
a guard wala 7aga…fa he started to talk to me in English
fa I said “ana masreya leih betkalemny englizy”..
fa he said you don’t look like one!!! ha…that was weird…coz I have Typical Egyptian Features ya3ni….bas no problem…the guy was speaking in a very good english command…and I asked him about it…fa he said eno he’s been working with foreigners for so long…leading tours inside and outside the zoo w keda. Then we came to the important part…he started offering help as the zoo is really huge, fa he would lead me to the most important parts of it…and will help me get done soon, and guess what…all this for 50 Egyptian Pounds only……yeah..what an offer ;-)….I told him sorry, I really appreciate it, but I know my way “the guy at the gate mentioned that I can tip the guards, and they will allow me inside some of the cages inorder to catch few good close photos….fa I did that…and it worked.

I started with the beautiful swans…then stumbled in the weirdest animal I’ve ever seen….have a look at this baby….it is a hybrid animal I think…a deer’s face with a cow’s body…check the second photo.

Tried to find a sign or anything that says what on earth is this…but all in vain…fa went on my way…didn’t take photos for lions or tigers although tigers are my favourite animals…I love their eyes, looks, body…I think they have unique physical features keda…bas ya 7aram the ones at the zoo looks PATHETIC…they are thin and weak, u would pity them walahi…when I asked the guy about why they do look so puny??? don’t u feed them??? fa he replied in anger keda..”mesh lama el banyadmeen yaklo elawal”!

I have to run now….moral of the story….I think this huge place should be privatized or so…coz it is another waste of a potenially good profitable attraction.

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  1. “the guy at the gate mentioned that I can tip the guards, and they will allow me inside some of the cages”
    You missed the best part, I tipped the guy and he let me took a photo inside the baby-lions cage. I was carrying a lion and my son beside me:)) The lion was damn heavy but it was fun:))

    “I think this huge place should be privatized”
    Yes, it is my opinion too. The Zoo is built on a huge space with a lovely design, it is a pity to waste it like this:(

  2. “A call out with several exclamation marks ya wonderer”..u didn’t find it freaky?!!.maho they offered me the same baby-lion thing…bas tab3an I freaked out BIG TIME!!! ana gabana awi 😉

  3. Funny enough nerro, I freak out when I see a cockroache or a locust. I scream and jump and call 911:) However, when it came to the baby-lion I was very courageous. After all, it is JUST a LION … fi 7ad ye.7af men asad bardou:))

  4. i agree with u that our lions look like cats and the hippopotamus is sick all the time, anyway nice post, havent been there long time ago…

  5. Wonderer: LOL :)))) da 7etet asad soghanan ya3ni…bas ana el .7awafa awi 😉

    Ka3’eem: yeah walahi they look pathetic…u might think about going and let’s know ur impressions 🙂

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