I am blogging from home :)

After suffering from not having a computer at home for quite some time, am finally blogging from home….yep…we had a new one :))) living without a computer at home is really not so cool….whoever is online right now will find me online on msn and yahoo messenger…don’t know why ya3ni….although am not a chat fan bas aho….guess am trying to make it up for the past period.

Weekend Stuff:
Thursday was the exhibition….wasn’t that great ya3ni…the size of the photos was really small…the place wasn’t so well organized….ya3ni…it was ok…but not as I thought ya3ni….el mohem we had fun..now am gonna get ready for El-Sawy contest….

Friday….I discovered that my vehicle registration would expire on Sunday…that was a shocker, didn’t confront Mom tab3an….she believed that it is due on Dec. 25….fa eshta…I just went on Saturday monring to Heliopolis traffic dept, needless to tell you how much fun I had there tab3an….gotta tell you that this place could never be considered to be used by human beings….”ok…now gotta ask someone to kidnapp my sister who is sitting just beside me, and ask for a ransom….and u got it right…I won’t pay :)))))” seriously she gotta stop talking, she is mhypara I think…and I really can’t concentrate. She finally stopped as if she is ma2moosa ya3ni…

Back to Saturday…after my day at the traffic department…I went home and had some nice lunch and went to bed….after a little while I woke up realizing that it is raining…yes it rained…fa I jumped from the bed…and camped for a while at the balcony….tab eih…balcony is not enough…got dressed and went out….what would I do….been to an internet cafe to check the mail…then what?? I don’t feel like going home….strolled around shwaya with my car…listened to some music…was really thrilled…stopped in front of Smile’s….fa thought I would go for a Mexican chicken sandwich and diet coke…and that was it…..had the stuff to go and ate inside my car…listening to Fayrouz and watching the rain crawling on the windshield….more..tomorrow morning ba2a….

For some reason “I don’t know what is it exactly”…am feeling a state of inner peace…hope it lasts shwaya.

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  1. First time to notice this, I mean I dont find it in your Arabic pings.. You tend to speak ‘out loud’ when you blog in English, weird enough, eh?

  2. why Weird ya Alaa?? this blog is more of a journal ya3ni, fa yes I speak out loud here….almost everyday 🙂

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