End of Year Contemplations

Life and Myself:
“Life is a game, and you should be a skilled player to survive” so many people mentioned this to me in a sort of an advising tone as if they know better, but what can I do to the hard-headed me??? I am not that much of a player…I suck!!! I don’t go with the rules. A target oriented person, don’t manipulate….always been direct and to the point, I go the short way, sometimes the long way if the target worth the time and effort….some-other-times I lose interest even though I am almost all the way thru.

Camel “a friend and a ptp moderator” once asked me “what do u stand for?” my answer was quick…”I stand for myself”…I strive to always be the person I am….and that one thing I would love to keep as long as I live. Full of contradictions, but that’s what makes me different…. not perfect…what the heck!!! We are not meant to be perfect..only angels and prophets are. So, people have to accept me as I am, as I do accept and respect them as they are.

Who knows better??? that’s is not the issue.


A week ago, I had a call from a friend that I haven’t seen or heard from in a while…kind of estranged the call, but she made things clear saying “I know am not around as am pretty busy, but I check your personal blog every now and then….so when I felt a down tone thought it is just the right time to talk”!!!

Lately I’ve been trying hard to find a suitable definition to the word “FRIEND”…then I realized that this one in particular should not be defined….it should be felt and experienced. Was wrong big time when I used to say that I don’t have real friends…they are there… each one did something could be as small as “a good morning” SMS that made my day… might have underestimated it back then but cherished afterwards and always will.


SHOULD: a guilt inducing word that I need to eliminate from my personal vocabulary…gotta replace it with either WOULD or COULD….either choice or ability….

NO: a word that I need to use more often, even with loved ones.

A new year is approaching, help me to get my dreams come true, I know I am a bit of a greedy person, but I never looked for something that doesn’t belong to me, I just want to utilize your so many blessings, and make use of my living.

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  1. Lovely post ya nerro,

    but how come you say that you don’t have real friends, omal e7na bene3mel eh?:) yes we are not so “real”, bas for me virtual is also real as long as we “really do exist”.

  2. That’s why I said “Was wrong big time when I used to say that I don’t have real friends”…coz I have real friends…and believe me I consider you guys real friends…although you are not so close “distance wise”…but you are always around…and that makes you very real…I really thank God for u being there…seriously.

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