Stand up for life :)

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping-stone to greatness “Oprah Winfrey”

Walking up to the mountain top, liked the idea of tracing your footsteps…sort of guided by a divine spirit…in a divine space….I knew it…knew where you stepped in…where you slept…where you felt victory over the highest peak.
The sungoddes woke up, and started to send her first rays out to the world….God….wished I had that effect on you…wished I was your sunshine or even a ray….walking down….I made fun of the foolish thought….what was it to begin with??? I think I dropped it all off up there….

Thank you very much guys for the nice comments and e-mails…am back….and more to come :))

Published in: on December 29, 2005 at 11:56 pm  Comments (13)  

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  1. We`re waiting for your more & more with this hopeful spirit.

  2. Welcome back

  3. 3esh2ak nada: soon isa :0
    Nightlegend: thank you :))

  4. Loved the quote so much,
    BTW, I have sent you an email, check it.

  5. good you are back! like to read your posts, even when i do not comment on them. you seem to write as if you talk face to face. waiting for more posts.

  6. Wonderer: got ur mail…it was really nice talking to you this morning dear :))

    Doshar: Thanks…am so glad to know that you read my posts…I love reading yours as well 🙂

  7. kont bagoogle 3ala ruba3eyat salah jaheen, fa i found in one of the results el blog beta3ek… girl i just admire u.
    i feel like i already know u cos i spent hours browsing some of ur blogs. it’s strange how i find that we share passion for the same films, songs, lyrics!!
    u know.. when sometimes u feel u need to pour ur thoughts out but no one’s there to understand them, and just when u feel the world is empty and KA2EEB u find that theres someone who speeks ur mind for u!! and the strange thing is that u neber met this person.
    i cried when read some of ur stuff specially the one about the 32 years of marriage of ur boss and his valentine’s present. do ppl like this exist?? does this much concern and love REALLY REALLY exist??
    yanhary.. ta2reeban dih atwal comment gatlek f 7ayatek.. or not 🙂 bas i needed to comment and maybe this comment turns out to be a start of a good friendship 🙂
    Happy new year to u 🙂

  8. nice and neat blog u have ..

  9. Sally: Thanks for your nice words, and I really appreciate them…I would love to see you around 3ala tool ba2a :)) or maybe kaman u start a blog…As for your question regarding my boss’s valentine post…well, they do exist but unfortunately mesh kteer :(( 2olayeleen mooooooooot, and by the way he is not an Egyptian or Arab kaman…which is more sad ya3ni…
    It is the longest comment yes…and hopefully as u said i would be a start for a good friendship…HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU DEAR 🙂

  10. Jawwad S: thanks a lot 🙂

  11. nerro ya gameeela missed uuuu..
    Sally: sob7an ALLAH.. kol elly enty katbah dah is exactly what i felt when i 1st read nerro’s blogs.. she was able to describe what i realy feel without knowing me.. ezaher keda ya banoutat e7na feeh mnena kteeer bs we need to gather w n3ml party gdeed.. nsameeeh eih … nsameeh eih.. mosh 3arf.. yala gimme ur opinion ;o)

  12. Missed you too ya Ricoh :)) ezayek ya kooka?? bossy, of course, we all pass through similar experiences w keda…I totally agree with the idea of the new party 😉 don’t have ideas for the time being…bas will keep thinking…kisses

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