Second day

It is already the second day of the new year…

So….am back, it is always good to be back…but am not really in a mood to work at all, been in a meeting that was supposed to be on Sunday, but they pushed it to Monday a.ka. today…so all the staff would be around…LUCKY ME!! didn’t utter a single word…boss kept on talking since the minute I popped in the office…and when he felt like I am losing him….fa he stopped and started showing me a couple of funny videos “Texan related jokes”….then we resumed our business talk….have to finish lots of things before the Eid Vacation…and I only have 4 days to go…lalalala 😛

I love when we do the culture/background/social issues at work, and the most I like is picking on Texans, we have a lot of them here.
strange enough we are the #3 organization in our field ;-)..shhhhh

In the morning of Dec. 31st….I woke up and started reading the newspaper…gotta tell you, I was like “OMG…is that the way it would end!!”…most of us agree that this year was kinda tough in so many levels, and ended up with 2 bloody headlines…..Bani Mazar Massacare..and another one in El Mohandeseen. For the second one I won’t really comment a lot although I can’t deny that am glad this situation is coming to an end…gotta admit that having a Sudanese Colony in an Egyptian vital square wasn’t really that interesting or impressive at all… I like the way it ended up with…of course not, that was very brutal….and I clearly resent such an attitude…but what were the alternatives????

As for Bani Mazar’s thing….it is really sad and freaky……ok, here is my problem with this incident….I am the type of person who would visualize accidents easily and in details as soon as I read them….although with not a single picture published or so, now you can imagine what’s going on with me…..the past 2 days, I am having the worst nightmares ever, as if ya3ni ana na2sa…I already have sleeping problems…now problems + nightmares….7ad 3ayez yezawed!!!!

Personally, am getting better, although I caught myself crying over something stupid yesterday (mmmmm…can’t remember it right now) bas all I remember it was the sound track of…..mesh fakra khales…el mohem…that was pathetic. Anywayz, there was nothing in particular to cry over, it is just I felt like doing it….am becoming more of “Amina Rizk” rather than myself these days….but am in a good mood today….hope it lasts shwaya ba2a…need some balance in is over with khalas ba2a.

There is something that should happen, a communication based program keda that I volunteered to work in…it is a 10 weeks thing…so excited about it…didn’t get a yes/no notification yet, but would love to hear a yes soon isa.

Also, there comes my 2 days in Alexandria and Port Said….have no fixed dates yet…..but I am so much ready for them :)))

Ok, gotta go now for lunch….btw…did you get ur new eid stuff??

P.S: Wonderer, can’t wait to see you sweety….really glad that I got to know you away from the blogger….

Me: aren’t we gonna see u soon in Cairo??

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  1. what can i say.. ahhh ya belady yally leeeky 7oby w fo2ady.. yally el aman feeky b2eena bn7lm beeh w bnady.. :o( rabna yesabr ahaly el nas dola.. yr7mna.. don’t want to talk politics here.. bs aho.. rabna yer7mnaaaaa..

  2. what is the alternative?!!!!

    I’m shocked that you of all people would say this, anyways always good to know el nas 3ala 7a2i2ethom

  3. what is the alternative?!!!!

    I’m shocked that you of all people would say this, anyways always good to know el nas 3ala 7a2i2ethom

  4. I don’t know what were the alternatives ya Alaa…it was a question that I raised….and I said that I resent what happened big time of course…no one can deny that…and kaman I can’t deny that I didn’t like what happened in Mohandeseen!!! You tell me what were the alternatives coz I might not be as much politically oriented as you are!!! and thanks for being so judgemental

  5. Amina Rizk?
    فال الله ولا فالك يا شيخة 😛

    About the alternatives ya Nerro,
    The whole issue is pure “Politics”, ya3ni such issues have no solution except with political ways, which is the duty of the politicans, it’s their job, which they take money for!
    This should have been solved by negotitaions, finding solutions “SERIOUSLY”
    I really wonder what “Safeer el Sudan” is doing?!
    What is those humans called “Safer Nawaia Hasna” doing?
    What are Sudan representatives doing?
    But Killing innocent people, just because they want THIER rights!
    It is all a shameful issue :S

  6. Ricoh: i totally agree with the party idea. I’m SOOO INNNN 😀
    so ya banoutat (moqtabasah men ricoh) my email is would LOVE to READ from u soon:)
    bemonasbet Amina Rizk ya nerro, i cried my eyes out today while watching “lilet sokoot baghdad (the night Baghdad fell)” the film is supposed to be political comedy but i couldn’t believe ppl were really laughing at some parts where lazem yoltomo 3ala 7alna ya 3arab. i myself am not into politics bas essara7a dammy et7ara2 men el nas elly ya ema dakhlin 3ashan yed7ako fa beied7ako men gheir ma yefakaro, ya ema dakhlin yetfarago 3ala film lel kobar fakat.howa el film fe3lan lel kobar fakat, ba i’m telling u and for the first time i admit that sometimes adultry is for “seyak el film”. don’t miss the movie 🙂

  7. Let’s see if we can avoid calling you racist: So if it is an Egyptian colony instead of a Sudanese one, let’s say, a few Kifaya people sitting in right at the center of Tahrir Square, demanding your rights, and security ended the situation by taking 4% of the lives of demonstrators, how would your post change?

  8. Emi: mazboot…tayeb now why didn’t the concerned parties took a single action…and what’s the Sudanese Government represented in its embassy in Egypt role in this case ya3ni…tayeb…why didn’t they move to Kilo 4 as directed by the Egyptian Government…lots of questions need so many CONVINCING ansewrs. Bossy the attitude is certainly rejected…but why did it turn that ugly?? lots of missing things!!!

  9. Sally: cool now we are good to go :)) heard a lot about the movie…some good and bad criticism…will probably go and see it myself…thanks a lot dear, have a beautiful day.

  10. Amr:
    1- Of course you have to avoid calling me RACIST…as it would sound a bit funny, I mentioned before that my Grandpa is origanlly Sudanese, then came to Egypt, joined the army and had the citizenship…I have always been proud of my origins…so this is not a valid point.

    2- I believe I’ve been supportive to your efforts guyz, in different instances. I also made it clear so many times that I highly respect and appreciate people who stands for their rights, and never give up what they believe in…so again this is not an issue, it happened before, kefaya people in Tahrir Sq….that was quite normal at one point of time…it is just they didn’t spend months there leaving their wastes behind to annoy and harass people…

    3- for God’s sake people “and this is not only for you ya Amr” read the post clearly and don’t jump on me keda as if I have committed a hideous crime…

    “gotta admit that having a Sudanese Colony in an Egyptian vital square wasn’t really that interesting or impressive at all… I like the way it ended up with…of course not, that was very brutal….and I clearly resent such an attitude…but what were the alternatives?” that’s what I said exactly…I understand you are full of rage against the Government, but don’t pour it all on me…I didn’t say I liked what happened..on the contrary I said I resent it…bas I also said that I didn’t like what i saw…which is ok…coz simply ana 7orra.

    I also asked a question…and I had no answers except from Eman…which is ok, but to me, rage is not convincing enough, there should be reasons, solutions, and alternatives.

  11. It’s far from rage, Nerro. So kifaya stay in the square for three months, what would you think?

  12. The answer is NO…Ya Amr my post won’t change if it is Kifaya people or Sudanese.

    I understand that they are poor refugees who wanted something and they were trying to find a solution for their situation…I understand kaman how crucial was this for them…but I just didn’t like what they did…tayeb and for my own knowledge ya3ni…why didn’t they move to kilo arba3a w nos?? mesh keda safer and they still would ‘ve gone after what they wanted without annoying anybody, and kaman without being severly attacked keda??

    Of course I feel sorry for them especially the little ones…and I don’t like what happened from the Egyptian side…ya3ni…I think there should have been other ways to deal with the situation “both from the sudanese and Egyptians” fahemni??

  13. I don’t get it, who did they annoy?

  14. The residents of this district of course, any passerby….have you been there??

  15. Yes I have. I’m usually there about every couple of days. I even took photos and blogged them some months back. In fact, I used to work a couple of hundred meters away from the campsite and I have to say, rather than being annoyed I was impressed by how peaceful they were.

    Can you tell how you personally were annoyed by them? I’d like to know.

  16. Well, I am glad u were impressed, as I wasn’t by any means…I personally wasn’t annoyed by them, as I don’t live or work around the area…I just walked around to see how things are going there…as it was quite strange…fa of course I didn’t like to see wastes, laundry, and a complete routine life going in the middle of the street. Was pretty disgusting if I may say…It didn’t make much sense to me…

  17. So your assumption that they were annoying was based on what if this wasn’t your reaction? On whose behalf are you speaking?

    You weren’t impressed because you’ve never seen violent resistance, I suspect. That is a shortcoming some experience might remedy, optimistically speaking.

    “Disgusting” is the next word I’d like to talk about. The fact that people were living in such circumstances should, rather than make you feel disgusted, make you ask what would drive you to adopt similarly disgusting living circumstances. What would make you camp out and be disgusting?

    Because, you realize, the only reason you weren’t there yourself being disgusting is the fact that you were born in an environment which helps you avoid being disgusting.

  18. Well, Yousseff, I am so tired of going thru all this becoz I talked out what I believe… to cut the story short…that’s my opinion, and, and like it or not, this is your problem.

    Again Judging others is not anyone’s responsibility…
    maybe guyz you gotta start thinking enoko “tekemo 3alaya el7ad” in the same location w nekhlas….easy,,,if you are not ready to hear the other, don’t expect to be heard.

    Am awfully sorry to say that I expected more deep reasons, thoughts, and solutions, or maybe to learn from you guyz…as I raised a question and expected to hear from you…but unfortunately you didn’t have any solutions, fa you thought of going to the “attack” plan, and skipped the main point…am really disappointed. Again, read the post carefully and you will understand that I am not with what happened to the sudanese and I feel bad for them?? but just wanted to know more!!!

  19. I don’t subscribe to the “don’t judge” mindset. If I see something bad I call it. Same with the good.

    What I saw in your post was dehumanization, not an attempt to understand. I know that this is not out of bad intentions and it doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you someone who needs to formulate their thoughts from a slightly more enlightened standpoint.

    If you want to understand what happened and why, then I suggest that you read the bazillions of pages written on the topic now, run down to the church in Zamalek (right behind the Marriott) and speak to some people there. There’s better ways to express a willingness to understand; calling them disgusting is not one of those better ways.

    It was dehumanization which stands behind the very deep shit they were in, and the even deeper shit they are in now. If your only reaction as a member of the Egyptian intellectual upper strata is that they are annoying people then clearly they have failed.

    If all you wanted was to know what the deal was with these Sudanese who protested and got killed, then you wrote the wrong blog post. I suggest you write another one and call it something more obvious, like “What’s the deal with the Sudanese protest? Can someone explain it to me?”

  20. Nermeena, take a look at this photo. It might appear as dirty broken photo frame, left behind by the beaten “disgusting” refugees. Nothing interesting at the first glance… Now go take another look, focus on the photograph inside. Can you make out what is in this photo ? There is a nice looking room with a neat carpet and a very nice sofa. There is a large black and white photograph on the wall of the room, beside it two sculptures that seems very artistic and some books.

    Now describe to me the lady sitting in the foreground. This good looking lady was either one of the refugees or a relative of one of the refugees living somewhere they were looking and hoping to start a new life at.

    See the point, these people share the same basic set of hopes and dreams that anyone shares. Yet their destiny was a miserable one, a series of events outside their control turned their life into something worse than hell. Being glad that they were moved from the places you frequent or go to is inconsiderate to their condition. It is for sure your blog, were you are free to say what you want, yet it makes me feel ashamed that you can quickly ignore their misery and consider your own inconvenience something to write about.

  21. Ya Moustafa, if you don’t mind I don’t want to discuss this issue again, Walahi, if it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t have thought about replying aslan. Listen, to cut the story short, I do pity those people, and I did my part towards them, and God only knows what I did…so no need to blame me for thinking that spending months in a middle of a garden wasn’t a very good idea…I don’t think this is the life they were seeking to begin with…

  22. Heyyyyy… I’m late…. just wanted to tell you that I’m dying to go to Cairo to see you guys … adn I was awfully jealous when the girls met …. was really metghaza awi…. if I can come to cairo inshAllah … I’ll contact you guys tab3an 🙂

  23. tayeb try to come sometime soon ba2a…I am looking forward for another big girlie outing.–>

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