In Reply to Yousseff

This is the last comment I had from Yousseff yesterday in regards to this post. Well, thanks for expressing yourself and speaking out your personal thoughts about me…but I don’t think I asked you to, plus you were way off the subject, and didn’t reach the main point!!! Here is my reply to you:

Y: “I don’t subscribe to the “don’t judge” mindset. If I see something bad I call it. Same with the good”

N: Well, good for you, but I do subscribe to the “don’t judge” mindset. Remember…this is a personal blog…and since you are a VISITOR you gotta go with the blog owner’s mindset, otherwise, you can exercise your own beliefs/thoughts in your OWN blog not mine.

Y: What I saw in your post was dehumanization, not an attempt to understand. I know that this is not out of bad intentions and it doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you someone who needs to formulate their thoughts from a slightly more enlightened standpoint.

N: Again you are being judgmental…but now you owe me an apology for this word “DEHUMANIZATION” it is not acceptable. Excuse my curiosity….how close are we to give yourself the right to interfere in my way of thinking, and without even being asked to do so!!!

Y:If you want to understand what happened and why, then I suggest that you read the bazillions of pages written on the topic now, run down to the church in Zamalek (right behind the Marriott) and speak to some people there. There’s better ways to express a willingness to understand; calling them disgusting is not one of those better ways.

N: I read all the reviews, and none of them listed down the things I wanted to know, my question was as simple as “there should have been alternatives” but everyone was just like raging against the government and not willing to give an answer…which doesn’t make any sense…and even yourself…apparently you don’t have a logical answer to my question…coz simply if you had you would’ve stated it. I did ran down to some of the camps and visited the people and some of them were really devastated coz they felt that they have been driven to this by other Sudanese who started the whole thing…Moral of the story, I know what to do and what not in regards to better understanding…but others unfortunately don’t.

Y:It was dehumanization which stands behind the very deep shit they were in, and the even deeper shit they are in now. If your only reaction as a member of the Egyptian intellectual upper strata is that they are annoying people then clearly they have failed.

Apparently you neither read the post or my comments carefully, again, I feel bad for the people, I just didn’t like the approach…and my reaction towards this was very practical… no offense anybody…Maybe I don’t and will not go on demos or protests…but I had a fundraiser at my work place, collected enough money to get the people and their kids, food, blankets, first aid stuff, and I personally know some people who offered shelters for them…our company doctors volunteered to check the victims and they are following their cases.
And if you want my advice, in case you are gonna participate in any of the upcoming protests, try to get some hot drinks and sell them to protesters, make some money..make it a win win deal…protest and stand for what you want, and get them what they need RIGHT NOW.

Y:If all you wanted was to know what the deal was with these Sudanese who protested and got killed, then you wrote the wrong blog post. I suggest you write another one and call it something more obvious, like “What’s the deal with the Sudanese protest? Can someone explain it to me?”

See, now you proved am right, you didn’t read it well…it was a normal post not all about this incident and I just mentioned what I thought about it, raised a simple question that nobody managed to answer. By the way it is not your first time here to misjudge and attack…it happened before here and it turned out also that u neither read well nor paid attention to the details.

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  1. Nermeena,
    I do support every single word you said, you have the right to say what you believe in and any one can comment or state his own point of view without ATTACKING.
    It’s not a civilized way. I personally can accept another opinion or point of view and it can influence me too if it’s addressed properly.
    I am not biased and I am being very objective here, I have been hurt by what happened to the innocent people. it has been very painful for me as much as it has been for you dear sister.
    Forgive me Nermeen I wasn’t supposed to comment on that post but you have been severely misjudged and I couldn’t take it.
    So people think positively and try to do something for the impacted families instead of blaming each other.

  2. OMG.. what’s happening up there.. just as Message In a Bottle said dear nermeena u’ve been severely misjudged.. I believe Mr. Youssef wasn’t fair as he didn’t read well and he didn’t get what u really mean.. I believe if he bothers to read ur post well.. he was going to understand what u meant as most of us -blog readers- did.. and again as Message In a Bottle said there’s more civilized way to criticize and to give our opinion other than attacking

  3. Ricoh: Message in a bottle is my sister :))) so mafish mashakel if you are quoting her ya3ni…

    3azizaty elzogaga:p it is ok dear, appreciate it much.

  4. nerro, anyone should have the right to say whichever he/she wants… thats the essence of blogging in the 1st place..

    we can differe.. but never acuse or judge others..

    btw: i am totally with u in whatever u said either here or the other post..
    cheers 🙂

  5. ya3ny y bet-ha ;o)

    el mohm ha ya banoutat.. what about our party.. eih ra2yokom fy ” Hidden Thougths “.. mosh 3arf b2a.. yalla help me

  6. rude eih bas ya benty :)) bossy will meet online fel weekend isa and discuss this, I will e-mail Sally and see if she is interested w keda :))

  7. did i say how much i love u b4 ;o)
    hehehe.. will be waiting to c u fy el weekend ya koka.. and sally as well :o)

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