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It is already an hour and half after midnight, of course am off, so no need to worry about waking up early and all that blablabla…it is a good feeling though to blog now, for nothing but it is not likely to find myself blogging right now, even if am up bas I just don’t log in that late….
I am in a super-hyper mood, been out to a friend’s dinner, came back to rearrange my library…coz it was a real mess, and am done…still mhypara…not in the mood to calm down and read, fa eshta let’s talk…
Started to think about the vacation plans, fa I excluded Port-Said from the schedule…afasht 3aleha…bas Alex is there isa, and will probably be the second day of the feast…so what about Cairo?!!
Origianl plan was: visit Mohamed Ali palace, Manial palace, and Abdeen palace…plus the Citadel and surroundings…of course not in one day…bas during the week ya3ni..fa cool thought about starting today, but wanted to make sure when do they open and stuff and here what happened.
Called 2121
Nerro: Please I need the phone #s for………..”all the palaces above”
2121: Would you like to hang up and I would send it to you via sms
Nerro: yes, that would be great, thanks
2121: Blablabla
Got the SMS
Nerro: Good Morning, Mohamed Ali Palace??
Guy: Yes, it is
Nerro: Please I would like to know the operating hours
Guy: The palace is not opened for public yet, check again later…good bye
Nerro: Good Morning, Abdeen Palace?
Guy: Yes it is, but we are off today
Nerro: Ok, that’s good to know, but when are you gonna be working?
Guy: call back on Sunday and check the operating hours
Nerro calling the Manial Palace: ring ring…ring ring…ring ring….ring ring…ring ring
That was extremely frustrating…seriously ya3ni….it doesn’t make any sense, such places should be opened during weekends, goes without saying…I was just checking the hours…wasn’t really doubting the possiblitly of the place being opened or not!!!
Never read/knew about the the foot binding custom that used to be practiced in China, just knew about it today while watching Oprah….was really tough….the lady who was explaining the process said that back then….binded feet used to turn men on!!!!!!!!!!!! ewwwwww…that’s sick.
Remeber Louisa May Alcott’s quote?!! “Women has been called queens for a long time, but the kingdom given to them is not worth ruling”. ;)))
It is 7 minutes past 2, and I gotta go to bed. Good night…or morning..whatever…doesn’t matter…as long as it is gonna be good šŸ™‚

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  1. the food binding thing, yuuuuuck!

    my mom told me about it when i was really young (i still fail to see her point from it :D)

    as for the palaces, you should be frustrated fe3lan… but i suggest you dont dare go there during Eid vacations.. might be too crowded walla eih?

  2. yeah the oprah show yesterday was really something.

    yeah that foot binding is terrible. the novel Good earth explains alot of how women were treated those days. the expectations from women were unreasonable and unfair to say the least.

    i used to park my car next to the manial palace fence for all my driving years in college… and never did i go visit. i regret that now. i hear it is beautiful. keep on trying. happy eid!

  3. Nag: You might be right about the palaces during the Eid, but I don’t have any other option…they are closed during the weekends!!! and after this long vacation, I won’t be able to have any in a while ya3ni.

    Doshar: I am not an Oprah fan, but yeah yesterday’s show was awesome…have you seen the babies thing?? that was super emotional. Never read the book, but looking for it now, as I was so excited when I heard about it yesterday.
    Will keep on trying…hope it work out…Happy Eid to you as well :))

  4. the babies thing got me alright. my last post was about that actually.

    good idea to read the book. i haven’t read it, but i watched the movie years ago. also my mom had studied this novel when she was a student, and was so moved by it. she told me about it so many times, i feel like i read it.

    i guess you won’t have a terrible time finding it. it is a classic. try the bookfair later this month. azbakeyya would do very nicely.

  5. Yuck

  6. This is Egypt ,the museums should be opened during all the days ,I remember when they announced the reopening of the Alexandria’s Opera House after long time of rennovations ,I went there days after the official opening by the president and governemnt officials and they told me simply it’s not yet opened!! ,in this chaostic country we live in no one knows anything about anything.

    Have a Happy eid’s vacation ,and by the way 2eskendryea hatnwar when you come here! ,if you like I can recommend you a couple of cool places to visit ,just email me or reply here.

  7. Thanks a lot Nightlegend…I already have a few places in mind, but yalla let me know your recommendation :))

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