It is about Dawn

What can I do, to make you mine
Falling so hard so fast this time
What did I say, what did you do?
How did I fall in love with you?

Don’t know why I just remembered this song by Backstreetboys…remember one night back in September I was coming back home after a very special outing…and I found myself crying over it…now I learned the hard way that I shouldn’t cry over any-phony-one/thing.

Sometimes it gets real cold inside you…don’t know how to explain this…but it is just real cold inside.

Lots and lots…that I want to say…but don’t feel like talking about the past…even if it is quite near…but it is all gone now.

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  1. I know how it’s like to feel cold inside ,it’s very hard feeling and I am very sorry that you are going into such feelings ,insha2alah things will be better.

    I really would like to encourage you to write about it or even about all the other things you wanted to talk about but you stopped ,this will help you alot and the responses from our friends on the Blogsphere will make you feel more better ,I am sure of that.

    Please cheer up ,one day in the future you will have all the warmth of the world inside you.

    All the best

  2. falling in love with someone who didn’t even know that u’re existing is so hard..!! it is as if u’re a ghost..why am i doing this to myself.. don’t really know.. every time i put myself in a very strange situation and every time i lose bs i never quit.. i must be foolish.. or may be i didn’t find the one yet.. although i never searched for any.. every time they just pop up infront of me and then.. !!

  3. Nightlegend: the weird thing is am not in a bad mood at all…am very fine thanks God…am just feeling a little bit of coldness inside…well, am sure it is gonna come one day isa…but hope it really worth it.

    Ricoh:Girl…we gotta seek professional help :))) LOL

  4. Hey Nerro, that cold inside thing reminds me of a poem I wrote one day:
    The cries of the heart
    mute cries in silence
    sustained by a fear
    an impression
    an inner cold
    a fear that takes the stomach
    then extends to the heart
    to the limbs
    wishing for it to fade away
    in vain
    sleepiness forgo the eyes
    tears become scars in the face
    in the wait of what will happen
    the impression is here,
    so strong and terrifying
    the wait is here ,
    so long and anguishing
    an impression
    or maybe it is the reality


  5. Thanks Laila for sharing…the poem is very expressive…Hope all is ok now 🙂

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