Girl With a Pearl Earring

Johannes Vermeer Masterpiece….was first introduced to this painting sometime last year in an art appreciation event…I was stunned by the extreme beauty, colors, depth…everything about it…to the extent that I asked the guy who was presenting the event to keep it for a while…honestly speaking, I didn’t have this feeling except with 2 paintings…this one, and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. Back to the gorgeous baby…although one of the Baroque Period symbols, yet the events surrounding the creation of the painting remains kind of obscure.

So, when I knew that MBC2 is going to air the movie “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, was so excited to watch it. The movie is an adaptation from Tracy Chevalier’s novel under the same title too, in which the author tried to imagine the circumstances under which the painting came to be created.

The movie is based on the speculation that the girl in the painting is “Greit” a maid who lived in Vermeer’s house along with his family and other servants, she also managed to be his assistant after a while. Vermeer’s sole supporter “Van Ruijven” commissioned him to paint Griet with the intent that he will have her for himself.

Here came Griet’s dilemma…she has to secretly pose for her master’s “financially” crucial painting without the knowledge of his wife, avoid Van Ruijven’s grasp, and protect herself from the cruel gossip of the servants. At the end Vermeer’s wife kicked Griet out after knowing about the whole paint secret. The movie as a whole was very nice and touching… the cast was awesome…specially Scarlett Johansson who played “Griet”…

Yet, it is still a speculation of who would be the girl with a pearl earring, or “The Dutch Mona Lisa”.

Is she Griet the maid, Maria Vermeer, Magdalena Van Ruijven, or someone else??….

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  1. i liked the painting.

    it’s realy a masterpiece.

    thank you.

  2. Talk abt telepathy ya Nerro 🙂

    Bas personally, I didn’t like the movie, was kinda boring..

  3. Blueberry: u r welcome, glad u liked it 🙂

    Nour: long time no c ya kooka…fenek?? bossy, I understand that you might find it boring…bas for me and knowing the background it was interesting awi…my mother and sister thought bardo eno it is not that interesting ya3ni 🙂

  4. well, I can’t say there’s telepathy in my case, but a title with “girl” and “earrings”, although totally different post :p
    I love the painting, touchy movie.

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