Live “not exactly” from the Citadel ;-)

Disappointed…yes, BIG TIME, as I wanted to have a proper photo for the Citadel, and the domes…but mesh moshkela…will do it some-other-time…it is just the sky was so clear that day…and was to be a good background ya3ni…

Now…that was REAL something..the yard in front of Mohamed Ali Mosque…still part of the mosque that you have to take your shoes off before getting in…I liked the spacious yard…it is so peaceful keda when you walk around.

A piece of work…. “Sabil” in the middle of the yard…wonder how long did it take them to get done with the “sabil” only!!!!

Inside the mosque itself. How impressive!!! OMG…we were like….look at this!! see this chandelier!!! check out the colorful domes!!

We were not allowed to take photos inside the Guest Palace Museum!! “tab leih??” Emi asked one of the supervisors…and the answer was more puzzling”mesh 3arfa, bas howa mamnoo3″…to be honest it wasn’t like I expected by any means…it is only the ceilings, walls, and the throne. But the furniture and everything around doesn’t look like “ROYAL”….when we get in the bedroom, Emi said it is too humble for the royal taste!!! da even the Bedrooms in the Gayer Anderson house were more luxurious ya3ni. Well now…did you get to know the secret behind the “no photos” thing inside the Museum?? “it is a trick question”.

1983??? and we are now 2006!!! okkieeee..will give it a shot in my next life then.

Inside the Military Museum…..they do provide info, they never leave anything unexplained… try to read either in English or Arabic!! told ya….INFORMATIVE.

One thing we also noticed about the signs in general inside the Citadel…they are kinda indirect; for instance you would find a sign says “Thanks for not sitting in the garden”!! also the “no photos” sign inside the guest palace museum…wasn’t a blunt “no photos”..was quite intriguing…so that we commented and said “ya3ni it is not prohibited ya3ni… but I can’t remember the wording exactly. Nothing wrong with saying a blunt no….especially when it comes to museums and public places…people won’t get offended…but don’t know why it always sounds fishy when it is indirect!!!

Still inside the Military Museum….huge…3 floors…full of interesting stuff including some documets and listings of “el zobat el a7rar” and the leaders in 1973 war. Unlike the Police Museuem…was OK …lots of info about political assasinations, famous criminals and series killers, and photos for them kaman…but obviously the place is totally ripped off, labels refering to unavailable items and such things…which is too bad.

A suicidal attempt or what???

Here is the prison area….it is not opened for public, although I’ve been told eno sometimes they open it!!!!!

That’s the end of it….I loved the view πŸ™‚

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  1. Lovely pictures. Thanks Nermeena for sharing πŸ™‚

    I guess last time I had a tour in the citadel was when I was in primary or so. The only other time was last Ramadan, but didn’t have a tour inside it. I guess I should be considering this.

    With your post you reminded me with two photos that I really love, you can find them here.

  2. Nice pictures
    Good job
    i’m happy with ur blog
    it’s nice

  3. Thanks a lot ya Moon :))…the place really worth a visit…

    Dalia: Welcome for the first time πŸ™‚ glad u liked the blog…thanks a lot for your nice comment.

    Anonymous: I’ll keep on deleting your comments…as I really have no respect for ANONYMOUS people. who cares ya3ni about an opinion from a chicken who can’t stand up for himself!!

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