A half day review ;-)

why the hell am I up now, need to get some sleep…I don’t like this….was kinda recalling pretty freaky parts of a report I read Saturday morning by Ezzat El Saadani.

getting myself ready for the staff meeting…am too sleepy, decided to make a hot cup of coffee, but by the time I had my morning chat with boss, it became a cold cup of coffee, Rasha suggested that I prepare another one and take it to the conference room. I really don’t like doing this, I usually gets me distracted keda, wana mesh na2sa aslan.

“staff meeting” first time to see D without his sunglasses, he never takes them off, I even thought he might be cross-eyed wala 7aga…but the guy is good!!! Could be the fluorescent lighting?!!! Maybe…

too many assignments….I should start the internal audit today…but apparently will postpone it till tomorrow or even Tuesday…kinda perplexed… too many fish to fry…gotta do a site visit. Also have another proposal related assignment that I have to finish quickly, don’t know what’s the definition of quickly when it comes to 3 different versions and a basic contract.
That’s too much for one person….Bpuuuuuuuh. One good thing about the internal audit is that I will move to another office space…I can’t stand the current one anymore….my work mates are always on the phone…one of them…who doesn’t have that much work….is either on her cell or the other one ALL DAY, and I mean it…putting into consideration that she always speaks in a loud voice, fa I get to hear her set up attempts, family and daughter related problems….a hot quarrel with the maid 3adi ya3ni…..an ugly call with her daughter over a bad test wala 7aga…I don’t mind her personal talks, as long as the company we work for has no problem with it…it is just too noisy, and can’t concentrate.. Plus M, who is finally convinced that the poor me is getting frozen …he really can’t stand the idea of a just a little bit of heat..3ashan ana ghalbana…but after a really stiff conversation he decided to take off his jacket instead of torturing me.

C called and asked if I can see him in his office for 3 minutes, fa I said yeah sure….guess what?!!! he showed me how a tube bomb looks like, and he also explained how easy it is to be made…man….it is pretty easy.

So I came back to the office and asked the guys “what’s the Emergency number for Cairo?” fa they were like…mmm…try 123. Of course I should know the number like I know the 911 thing…it is really stupid to find it easy to remember the States Emergency number, and can’t figure out the number here…but forget it, that’s not the issue.
I decided to give it a shot…and try the number. NO ANSWER. Rasha said “try again” I did and they answered after the sixth ring.
Well..ok…let me put it this way, in case of emergency it is not acceptable to get a NO ANSWER. As it is also not acceptable to get an answer after you pass away/out. That won’t do much ya3ni. Still I might be wrong and the number I’ve dialed belongs to any other service sector…. people…it is called SERVICE SECTOR.

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  1. I guess the number is 122, but I am not sure. Anyway, there is no use to memorize the number as you will never have a quick response from them. ya3ni the response is always after .7arab malta

  2. they changed 122 a few years ago..but still the number is classified I guess “lol”.

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