Surprise….Surprise ;-)

Well, it wasn’t a surprise…we planned for it.
No more suspense….I finally met Wonderer…it was a blast…we talked, talked and talked, I really enjoyed it….not only that but also I talked to Doshar . Gotta tell you it was a blast….details and behind the scenes 😉 tomorrow ba2a isa as am super tired.

Beautiful morning…it is a brand new day…with totally new things to happen. Anywayz…back to the Wonderer-Nerro get together. I missed the girls gathering that day, wanted to see them all but had a meeting fa by the time I finished and called them to check how long they are staying, Wonderer told me they about to leave khalas.

Last Saturday or Friday can’t remember exactly, I woke up with the thought that Wonderer is gonna leave in a week or so, and I didn’t meet her yet….fa I called her…trying to figure out ay 7aga…fa she told me that she left a note for me in Dallula’s blog that she is leaving next Saturday. Fa we finally agreed on Monday @ Roastery Zamalek, as I had an event keda to attend @ the Culture Wheel….fa cool.

fa Yesterday I went direclty there after work, she came like 5 minutes after me…the traffic was unbelievable aslan….mmm…well, to tell you the truth..meeting new people isn’t an easy thing for me at all…it is the hardest thing ever….I usually feel tensed keda…bas you won’t believe it. I didn’t feel that it is our first time to see each other. We sat there as if we are old friends and it is just she was away for a while…and we are taking it from there ya3ni. We talked, shared thoughts about blogging and bloggers, memories, persoanl stuff…keda ya3ni. It was kinda warm friendly thing keda..that really made the day…as it didn’t start that well “details…next post”.

Kaman she called Dallula & Doshar…for me to say hi w keda, bas apparently she was busy…fa I talked to Doshar :)) she is the kind of person who you can almost see/feel her smile even in the phone 🙂 Looking forward to see you all begad.

Well, back to wonderer….we continued our talk….I kinda kabart from the event I had to attend at @ the culture wheel…and we spent some more time together….we left around 8:30 wala 7aga…with a word that we will try to have another get together if D, D, and W managed to free themselves next Wednesday, and I will take a couple of hours off from work…yalla ba2a…can’t wait :))))))

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  1. heyyyyyyyyyy … nerrrrroooooo … I’m isA coming to cairo tomorrow (wednesday) … going back to alex on the same day…would love it if we could meet…I might be seeing Wonderer too !!

  2. ana kaman kont el mafrood aro7 el event elli fe el saqeya, w bardo kabart fe el akher 🙂 hehee

  3. Walahy ya Nerro the pleasure is mine. I felt the same. Meeting you was like meeting “an old friend who was away for a while”.

    The thing that you don’t know is that I told my parents on my way to meet you, that I will be away for only an hour or so. However, I spent with you more than 2 and a half hours. I enjoyed it so much to the extent that I didn’t feel the time.

    BTW, I saw your missed call today and tried to call you back, but your phone was switched off. We are trying to prepare something 2morrow isa. Will call you in the morning.


  4. I would love to meet you too..will call wonderer and check with her.

    Emi:I called “G” my colleague you know..3ashan I was going aslan to support him w keda..fa he told me it was over with khalas..bas bardo I met him at the gate and cheered him keda for like 5 minutes..many people were disappointed though.

    Wonderer: Ma3lesh asl I had a real bad headache keda..bass I will be waiting for your call ya kooka.

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